Hey fediverse, challenge (for a friend): to play a YT live (recorded) stream in sync on 2 TVs.
1 internet router,
1 Xbox - connected to
1 (non smart) TV,
1 smart TV
Possible use of rpi4b+
What are the possible scenarios/configurations for setting this up?
Thank you!

Mean you want to stream the xbox? Or view youtube live streams?


To live stream YT to 2 TVs. One TV's internet connection is through the Xbox at the moment.
The requirement is to view one live stream on 2 TVs in different locations on the same network.
Hope that makes it clearer.

Unfortunetlt i am not too sure on how to do that, might be able to do something with kodi, but i am really not sure

I want to try kodi for somethibg sumular myselv, i think there is an extesion for kodu to watch youtube with it.

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