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It's no wonder so many people suffer from unit bias. ROI and IRR also don't take denominators into account.

The sad truth is that most investments are giving negative real returns. This is why #Bitcoin will win.

:ubuntu: I am discovering package managers in my ubuntu system and have used snap to install some programs. Recently installed through flatpak. I have been learning about and verifying signatures of downloaded software but having trouble doing that with Tor through . I installed the synaptic package manager and noticed the tor-browser is not actually installed, rather t#orsocks is running my browser? Should I verify sig of flatpak? Finding Tor to be a world unto itself in FOSS.

My first time on mastodon! I've recently got into FOSS and don't have much of a tech background. I setup a bitcoin node on my raspberry pi, dual booted a windows machine with ubuntu and am now trying to survive with my open source projects! 😂


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