When talking about DevOps, many people thinks about the tech. part like: `How can I be DevOps Eng.? A: learn X, try Y` but many misss the other point: mindset and knowledge on organizational change etc..
How many did read Accelerate, DevOps Handbook or even Project Unicorn? Not many... 😞

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Just got that my ISP is blocking some US website DNS queries... 😩 And of course no DNS crypt server available in my country.

Advocating process and workflow are completely to review when all the IT is working from home... Without to forget all the changes in the organization 😣

On my research to replace `Google Authenticator` I found `Aegis` who seem to have nice feature on paper. Just need to have a rooted phone to import datas..
github.com/beemdevelopment/Aeg 😣

Living in Asia is like hell for self training in server conf. Everything is expensive contrary to Europe.. Rip cheap dedicated server πŸ˜₯

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Little of the . My company use TFS as main version control and some time ago we decided to re-organize projects.
The old team decided to move them by `product` containing `application`. TFS don't have any `move repository` function so dev. team used the `import` function... All imported repositories have _no code search_ feature. Of course our Architect team is using TFS API to search bad usage of some API/Nuget, and it don't show up with 100% accu. x'D

When as DevOps Advocate, you need to do Case Studies of dev. team but the company don't have any BI... 😩

Do some know instance/people or other place to learn more about without passing by front western media? I am curious about the `grey` info. :-)

@kev German doc. isn't a problem for me either.. Did you find another provider with same security level? (dnsec, dane, ssl verification for outgoing mail etc..)

Just tried to migrate my self-hosted mails to mailbox.org but they don't support dedicated external mailbox... Only alias into the main account. πŸ˜₯ 🧐

Doas anyone had experiences with `calibre-server` or calibre in general? I am searching a new way to store and access my ebook collection 🧐

When certbot go down because of python dependencies resolving and that all your personal infra. go down too.. No cloud, no webmail, no caldav, no sync πŸ˜₯

When Paypal use an old Symantec SSL cert... Chromium (dev) giving an NET::ERR_CERT_SYMANTEC_LEGACY πŸ˜‚

Maybe this open (source) hardware solokeys.com/ will replace my closed hardware Yubico version. Waiting the

My for this week:

ithare.com/ - C++ | Game / Perf. programming with rabbit

users.cg.tuwien.ac.at/zsolnai/ - 2 min post / video about research paper

calomel.org/ - Linux/BSD resources about perf. for server side system

So sad that woolyss | nik don't have anymore a ungoogled stable version of 😣

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For some reason Spanish is showing up in my federated feed these days a lot more often. I've limited Spanish toots in my account settings though :S

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