Its just a another New Day...

Anyways happy new year. :troll:

2 things I miss from chromium based browsers

Allow access plugins only to certain websites

After watching this video would you upload you brain today if possible

Unpopular opinion 

Light themes are kinda neat sometimes

Reddit is finally realizing that YouTube sucks and they want something different that doesn't show 5 ads
I wish more people who know about peertube tell it in these post so that word could spread .

Im trying to do my part

I found another useful website :oh_no:
As name implies copy a bash command and paste it and it explains what that command does . Give it a shot

centos stands for "Community Enterprise Operating System".

For those who are looking to install arch but are intimidated by the install process check out arch install scripts which works like a charm

Ubuntu rant 

Why would I need snap on server version.
Why in the world on idle do you take 300MB Memory .
Where as complete arch with usable Window manager takes 400 to 500 mb.

And yeah whats up with the install times.

Im looking for a good guide on self hosted emails.
Is it recommended to host email on your own? :thonking: and any bad experience when doing it.

If you're on firefox and want to know how much Mozilla is spying on you.

Open about:telemetry

Easy way to fix this is to go to about:config and disable all the telemetry by searching "telemetry" and disable flags according

Firefox Easter egg 

Open about:robots

Update: Finally got it working locally
reddit, RSS and medium articles now works.

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Quick time
RSS reader with the ability to scrape other websites for interesting articles. And use it as a Firefox extension to open it on every time I open a new tab.

Hate to host a server just to read articles.

anyone using Wayland knows how to switch keyboard layouts

Searched the wide web, did not find any method that works

Tried day1 of on blender gotta admit its hard.

Found a command line utility
Saves time searching small snippets on stackoverflow or man pages

What do you call fellow fosstodon users
Fossdonner :thinking_rms:

Make your privacy policy as small and digestible as possible

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