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And last - related post for the evening....

I'm gonna be opening up a for just Fedi folks (and whoever else even finds it... 😆 ) here in the next week or so. Just have some last-minute configurations and security setup before I open it to the 'public'.

It'll be whitelisted just for sake of keeping griefers and rando's out.

So if you're interested in a chill, 90% vanilla Minecraft server that's open 24/7 to hang out with folks in... reply here or DM me. :)

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New year, new challenges. Here are some of the features that we have planned for 2021. Stay tuned! 😀👇

Long story short. Google sucks, chromium is just chrome and so are all the chromium based browsers. Mozilla sucks, web browsers suck, the web sucks. But hey we have some great memes right?

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So when I first moved to Linux, I was using Chrome OS full time. I was actually heavily into the google eco system. All the privacy stuff started to punch through my thick skull and I decided I needed to change. I sure wasn't going back to Microsoft and Apple would just be me changing masters, so enter Linux. I had heard about Chromium so I wanted to try it on linix but I quickly realized it was just a googled out as Chrome. So I landed on Firefox, who have since betrayed me.

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Did Google just announce that they are making all Chromiums "ungoogled Chromium"? Haha

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For fuck sakes Mozilla, why is there a medium tracking urls on your addons page?! And this is when I search using the Add-ons Manager!

Are you out of your mind?

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Which is better for privacy? Signal or Matrix?

Matrix Pros:
Open protocol
E2E keys stored on device by default (not on homeserver)
Federated/decentralized like #mastodon so no single point of failure/control by outside influences.
Authenticated sessions
Open source server (to my knowledge)

Matrix Cons:
Fewer users compared to signal (my guess)
Learning curve (user must understand how to use e2e, auth sessions, on-device backups properly)
More? Maybe few full featured clients.

Signal Pros:
Simple to setup
Larger user base
More well known
E2e encryption
Open source app

Signal Cons:
Requires phone number
Central point of failure/control
Registration lock and PIN may be uploading more data to signal servers than user is led to believe (unproven by me)
Closed source server (to my knowledge)

Would love comments on this.
#signal #matrix #opensource #privacy #encryption
Boosts appreciated.

In no particular order:

Centralized, quite secure and fairly reliable. Has constant notification issues (which factors against reliability in a way)

Questionable owner entity, Advanced configuration needed to reliably enable encryption.

Super robust and reliable. Has the absolute ugliest clients and nearly unusable on iOS. Some encryption issues.

Centralized. Requires sensitive Personal information to use, Questionable owner entity. Lots of Users

So signal is having technical difficulties due to user influx. Signal didn't want to decentralize because it wanted to be able to continue to provide a reliable exoerience. Yet here they are unable to provide a reliable experience BECAUSE they are centralized.

Lightly lewd? Packaging resembling private parts. Immature humor. 

I'm not sure that Home Depot considered the consequences of drawing these light fixtures together on the box...

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Okay people, we've seen #Mozilla degrade more and more for years, and we've always hoped it will find its way and get better.

Now people working on Developer Tools, #MDN, and the Rust team - arguably some of the most useful and valuable teams at Mozilla - have been laid off, to make space for more profit making activities.

This is utter bullshit.

But perhaps this is also an opportunity. The FLOSS community forked OpenOffice, XFree86, and other huge projects.



Does @lbry still have the ability to migrate YouTube videos automatically?

Just checking for hurricane activity in January, cause you know, after this past year, I wouldn't doubt it.

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Running free software and making your own ecosystem vs running all apple or google or generally accepted proprietary systems is akin to shopping at the store and buying produce and eggs vs raising chickens and growing a garden. Yes it's more work but when ecoli infects all the spinach you're good, when eggs are out of stock because of hoarding, you're good. When the stores payment system is offline, you are good.

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The Qt company started to close the software.

What I think KDE or projects based on Qt should do?

1. Fork Qt and say fuck off to the Qt company.

2. Port to GTK.

KDE is too small to keep a Qt fork but it's too big to port to GTK.

Other solution is to buy the license to Qt. But I don't know if it's the right thing.

You know what's kind of funny to me? My favorite versions of Windows: ME(2000), Vista, and 10... Which are typically the most hated by the masses. And conversely my least favorite were XP, and 7 which are typically the crowd favorites. Of course, there's not really any version that I care for these days. 😉

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