Filtered air intake on the cheap. Reckon this thing puts off some heat? Digital TV station transmitter. iirc 1500w "low power"

Lightly lewd? Packaging resembling private parts. Immature humor. 

I'm not sure that Home Depot considered the consequences of drawing these light fixtures together on the box...

So I changed the spark plugs on a truck the other day. This is what came out of cylinder #5. Surprisingly, this wasn't even the one with a misfire.

Just a cool video. It's old but a nice one to watch again. Instead of making waves, make a ripple.


Just repaired my Mackie CR3 Speakers. DPDT switch on the back went out and caused no audio to come through. About 20 mins and a couple jumpers later and they are good as new!

😂 Ok I got a kick out of this one. Amazon question about a jug of motor oil:

Any chicken experts know what breed of chicken this is? Beautiful girls.

Man, i have a 1985 K5 Blazer just begging to be restored. Its been parked for about 5 years but it was running and driving when i parked it. Im torn between just selling it as is or fixing it up nice and having a fun toy again.

It's not quite in this condition anymore but heres some old pictures:

So when I first started messing with my home networking I remember thinking who really uses all 4 of those Ethernet ports on the back of the router? Its all WIFI now days anyways. Now just a couple years later this is my current situation... and one of those goes to another switch upstairs. "And yes I'm aware that many folks put this "baby" setup to shame haha!)

@switchedtolinux was literally talkng about the mark of the beast in this episode and then i pause the video and see the view count haha.

Personal desk area. Manjaro KDE on desktop and laptop. Kenwood2000 Ham radio
Uniden scanner
DMR handhelds MD380/Anytone 868
Hamclock Rpi3 w/ 7" touchscreen
Desktop Specs:
I5 7600K
Several HDDs and SSDs

Motile M141

A friend of mine wrote an app for his Apple watch to connect to his ICOM 7300.

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