For the "I will use Firefox to the bitter end" crowd. Assuming Firefox completely stopped being available; what Chromium based browser would you start using? if something else, leave a reply!

I think vivaldi is the best vhromium based browser. Ungoogle chromium would work, but i really hate the interface

@Hawk1291 This assumes that one has to choose a Chromium-based browser, but here are some other available options:

- Firefox forks: IceCat, Pale Moon, ...
- Text browsers: lynx, elinks, w3m, ...
- Other graphical browser: qutebrowser, midori, badwolf, surf, nyxt, ...
- Build your own (the hardcore way)

Surely they don't have as much support but I can live with that.

@Hawk1291 I use LibreWolf (fork of Firefox) and I used Brave before but left when they started their crypto stuff. I think in a world where only these 4 options exist I probably would try my hand at Vivaldi!

All in all, I honestly love Falkon. It is chromium based, but it is just kind of the sweet spot for me with browsers... though, I don't use many features for browsing. Just browsing and local password management.

@Hawk1291 vivaldi at least has a sane ui, but i'd really like to see something like netsurf getting more push.

Still waiting for the :duckduckgo: DuckDuckGo Browser :D

I voted Brave because it is half 3/4 fixed and remaining crypto stuff isn't hard to get rid off. But I would use GNOME Web (previously Epiphany browser) most of the time, except maybe for stuff that requires DRM, such as movie streaming, that is not supported on GNOME Web.

@Hawk1291 it's disrespectful to include proprietary garbage like Chrome or Vivaldi here. And Brave is just a big piece of spyware with crypto scams.

Palemoon all the way. Before using chromium I'll stop browsing the web.

Anyway, these polls are kinda stupid. Firefox isn't going anywhere

@Hawk1291 if FF goes away, so would tor. And if tor had to move to chromium it wouldn't work because chromium connects to google. Not sure how that'll work.

@Hawk1291 Otter Browser or ungoogled-chromium, the first one is based on qtwebengine which is basically chrome.

@Hawk1291 Eloston's Ungoogled Chromium, for its lightest and purest experience. Simple Chromium still calls home to Google, Brave is questionable with the crypto shenanigans AND not blocking Facebook out of the box, and Vivaldi is IMHO too bloated with options, which for other people may be of great use though.

Ungoogled Chromium + uBlock Origin + HTTPS Everywhere is my daily driver for a long time now, and it still works faster than Firefox for me

@Hawk1291 @ademalsasa

I would try to find something else. Ideally, I would want to find a fork of Chromium that's privacy hardened. If I absolutely had to, I would choose Vivaldi.

@Hawk1291 I really prefer Firefox, and we can always fork to a community version.

@Hawk1291 Brave is my backup for when something b0rked in Firefox. I don't use any of their services like crypton or brave account, nor am I interested. I use it because it has a some default tracking and ad blocking without setting something up.

What breaks in FF for me? Its usually components in cloud services I use at work (admin of O365)

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