What is a decent free anti-malware for Windows? I used to use Malwarebytes years ago but have heard it is not recommended these days. Any suggestions?

@Hawk1291 I do not think asking about a non-free operating system is appropriate here!

@braunne haha true, it may not go well, but cant hurt to ask!

@hejowhat @braunne I am serious but... Firstly, its not for me. I don't use windows and if i do i just let Defender do its thing and keep good practices. But when it comes to helping others, I want to be able to recommend something to folks who might rely on antivirus more. I'm also just curious to see what other folks like myself use on windows.

@Hawk1291 @hejowhat @braunne defender is probably the best answer for free av inn Windows, the other ones are mostly quite sketchy.

@Hawk1291 this wasn't meant for you. It was meant for Firaas since I highly disagree with him.

Questions regarding Windows are welcome and appropriate, and it is a legit question. This is not a FOSS only community. We would miss out of a lot of cat pictures otherwise.

I should have been more clear, sorry!

@sotolf @braunne

@Hawk1291 Why should you recommend it? Still the best free solution to my knowledge.

@Hawk1291 I've used sophos in the past but no longer use windows so...

@Hawk1291 Just use the default antivirus service from Microsoft.

Run only programs you trust, no antivirus in the world will save you from doubleclicking on a virus.

If you really need shady software, run it inside a virtual machine.

@Hawk1291 Why is malware bytes not favoured anymore? I have a copy of premium through them for a couple of laptops from a year or two ago coming around for renewal. what's the issues with em? should I jump ship?

@FireTerrier im not sure actually but i have heard a few people say its not the same anymore. I havent bothered to look into really. maybe they were purchased by a up-to-no-good company? not sure.

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