Android has the dumbest feature in that it doesnt let you use a network if it doesnt have internet access. Why? And they seem to have removed the option to use the network as is. I dont get the popup anymore that gives me that option. Freaking useless. Thats fine Android, i didnt need to access my network shares anyways... I didnt need to monitor my cctv ip cams either. No wonder people use the terms wifi and internet interchangeably... 🤦‍♂️

@Hawk1291 disable lte and it will connect even if it doesnt want to

@n0btc @Hawk1291
I have often used Android in a network without internet access, so I really do not understand your post.
I used Connectbot to ssh my Raspberry, MyPhoneExplorer to sync and backup to Windows, Ghost Commander to copy files via ftp. I also have a ethernet/USB adapter that works on some but not all devices.

@rudolf @n0btc im thinking this is something that was introduced in android 11. I used to be able to hit a notification that allowed it to use the network but now it just sits there and theres no way to access anything. I have an IP and everything, Android just wont do anything. It acts like its a metered network despite it saying "unmetered network" right under the connection. Someone else suggested turning off mobile network will allow me to use the wifi locally. I may try.

@rudolf @n0btc i have confirmed it does work if i turn off mobile data. Why in the world? Never had to do that before.

@rudolf @n0btc well it worked before so. It was able to switch between them smoothly. I vould access local stuff over a wifi connection and access internet stuff over mobile. I had to tell it to access the network regardless of the internet connection but it would work fine.

@Hawk1291 this sucks so bad. is it stock rom/aosp behavior? or seen on any vendor images?

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