Do any opensource POE wifi access points exist? something that doesn't require me to run a full on server to configure. at least open software, im not going to hold my breath on open hardware WAPs anytime soon.

@Hawk1291 not aware of any but three alternatives:

1) build one yourself with an Orange Pi or similar with PoE (like the Orange Pi Zero).
2) use any wall wart-powered access point and two PoE injectors, one at the device and one at the switch end.
3) the Mikrotik Ltap Mini has PoE and runs Linux, but there is no easy way to mess with the firmware.

@Hawk1291 A lot of the Ubiquity Stuff can be flashed with OpenWRT, so the Hardware is still closed source, but the the software is open. Und with the graphical interface, you can configure it very easy.

@sven222 I am just hearing about this, that's awesome! thank you.

@Hawk1291 Be carefull, sometimes they have on the cheaper stuff so called passive PoE, which is 24V. So if you have a POE Switch, you should have a look, that they support it. But with the cheaper stuff, they ship an 24V injector.
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