So there is this peer to peer, chat system. It has no tracking or ads, it doesnt require any infrastructure to be 100% effective. You can use it with your computer and type to folks, similar to IRC. You can literally run a BBS over it and many actually do.

Its called Ham Radio.

Haha, so much negativity. This was meant to be a fun post showing that ham radio is so much more than just talking and that computer hobbyists might find it enjoyable. I was by no means suggesting it as an alternative to encrypted secure messengers. But i encourage you all to give it a try anyways! there is so much fun to be had and it crosses over into computers often.

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@bob well the technology is available and fairly easy to implement, sometimes even built into certain publicly available radios. Now the legality of using such tech is another story lol.

@Hawk1291 @bob

in UK you are allowed to use encryption on amateur radio frequencies but *only* when assisting public services (i.e RAYNET helping Ambulance Trust in case of Airwave or ESN failure, where they would want to keep patient data confidential).

It is legal to use encryption on business radio frequencies and license exempt frequencies (otherwise wifi would be illegal!) but there is the clause that the Govt have the right to request data (same as any other telecoms service)

@Hawk1291 also, no authentication, tracking is easy to implement because everything is public and you need a license to legally operate the equipment

@Hawk1291 It is, however, 100% plaintext, and not in any way private.

@Hawk1291 "Haha, so much negativity" basically describes all of Mastodon tbh. Props for attempting to get people interested in ham radio, though. I wish more people were into it. Being able to run your own station is pretty fun.

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