Ok, what is the best way to install the latest mesa drivers in Ubuntu distros? I seem to remember hearing not to use the PPA.

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The #Wire team are open to the idea of using #XMPP for federation between instances of the Wire server:
"Please feel free to use this issue to post links / papers / reading material of any kind that might help us make a more informed decision"

With keeping Google Fi, I had to install the GApps Pico package to get full cell network functionality on Fi.
I got MMS message errors every time saying to contact Google Fi.
All received SMS messages had a random character string attached but seemed to work otherwise.
I didn't notice any coverage issues however and mobile LTE and 3G data worked well.
So as long as I have Fi I guess I will have to have some amount of Google on the phone but then again Fi is Google too. Ironic, I know.

I think CWs have the opposite effect on me.

Content warning: offensive opinion

Me: challenge accepted... Click.

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Keen on half-baked goods? Like bread and such?

Buy any Windows product. You'll love it. Always half baked.

Ok im posting this from lineage os on mobile network! Woo! Thanks everyone for your input!

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"What's wrong with my chair?"
- Dunno. What's it doing?
"It's not working right. How do I fix it?"
- What kind of chair is this? Like, a recliner or a dining room chair?

"Why can't you just fix it? I thought you were a carpenter?"


Lineage OS folks! Im wondering if i need micro g for cell service/mobile data. Cant find straight answers searching online. Can i just run the ROM and have a carrier sim work? I cant test right now because i have Google Fi which most certainly does not work without atleast micro g possibly not at all.

Ha, The "no comments" cartoon in Newpipe looks a little like an angry Mycroft Mark1.

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i ordered a bunch of sardines in bulk and my kids found them and have started saying to each other "i swear it on my father's sardines" and i dunno it just doesnt feel like im coming back from this one

Ford does some particular things on their vehicles that bother me. proprietary designs and funky dealer only parts sometimes, but one thing i can appreciate is i can use the same oil and filter on 2 trucks 10 years apart with completely different engines and maintenance is a breeze. In the end, Ford makes a solid, reliable, and long lasting truck and thats pretty cool to me.

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A few months ago, Microsoft decided to collaborate with Google and drop its web engine in favor of Google's.

Earlier this week, Google blocked all ad blockers, and now Microsoft has de-listed UBlock Origin (a powerful ad-blocker). Without real choice, monopolies will dictate what you see and do on the Internet.

Real choice comes with Free/Open Source Software.

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In case you missed it, you can follow people across the Fediverse even if you're using a different kind of site.

For example, here's a PixelFed account:


...here's a PeerTube account...


...here's a WriteFreely account...


...here's a Plume account...


...here's a Friendica account...


...and you can follow all of them from Mastodon.

Just click on the @ link to see their profile, and then click on Follow.

#Fediverse #Federation

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