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Find a cool product on #Amazon?

That company exists OFF Amazon, too.

1) #DDG company name.

2) Order from their site.

2a) Can usually find a 10% code!

3) Still get product in 2-8 days.

4) Company avoids losing 25% margin share to Amazon.

5) You avoid giving money to #Bezos.

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Although it can be quite sustainable (it's sustained me my entire career so far), #FOSS will never be as profitable as proprietary software. That's because FOSS is specifically structured to make it impossible to exploit its users. Exploitation is what makes proprietary software so profitable. And, from where I sit, that profit is largely unethical.

Well, my little raspberry Pi has been doing a great job over the years as a Unifi network Controller but I have finally switched that task to my Ubuntu server. Ya did good little Pi, Ya did good. Now what to use a spare Pi3 for? hmmm...

How do you make the profile picture style like @mike @kev @dave @yarmo

Is this an online service or an inkscape setting or what?

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I took over maintaining riot-desktop-git on the AUR because it was out of date and the official package was several versions behind. It's now up to date on riot-desktop V1.6.2 :)

I just send invoices and correspondence about contracts im working on. Im not sending to more than 1 or 2 people usually. I dont send to new people all the time either. Usually the same contacts at a handful of companies.

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My email i use for work goes to spam for most of my customers. Could it be because im using plain text instead of HTML? Has it really come to that?

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Calling all SysAdmins that use Linux. When you want to communicate with the serial console or craft port on a piece of equipment, what software or utility do you use?

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I have been enjoying with app on Android and on desktop. Im considering getting some friends on it. Would love to hear your experiences with XMPP on iOS before i start suggesting it to people.

Im curious, what do you use to hook up your desktop monitors?

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Have any makers out there used a laser cutting service? If so, were you happy with results and cost? I'm shopping around and have looked into #Ponoko and #Sculpteo so far. I have no experience with any of them and would like advice from a veteran laser service user.

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Have been thinking about deploying pihole for awhile. But just came across adguard: github.com/AdguardTeam/AdGuard

Better cross platform and looks like a bit of an easier code base to get into. Golang, using packr.

Any Hams have experience with ? Thinking about setting it up on a home station.

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By the way: I know there isn't a lot of activity going on with this account. We are mainly working on the website itself 😅



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Should we start a hash tag that lists songs that are applicable to you and how you feel about quarantine and the covid19 virus? I have a great song....

Here's the hash tag #covid19playlist

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Just a reminder folks, we're on the hunt for a community manager. We've had a few applications already, but we're still open to receiving more.


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If you are stuck indoors and have a colour printer, this site has free retro computer projects to download. rockybergen.com/papercraft

Just realized that over the next couple years the Linux Mint team is going to have to come up with 4 different female "U" names. This should be good.

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I'm proud to announce my pet project game: !

A free/libre fast-paced arcade collection of mini-games.

It's still very much a work-in-progress, but maybe you can still have a little fun with it:

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