@melissasage @whiskeysailor I don't think China is economically left. They're nominally communist, but if you've ever been to China or at least known a number of Chinese people, you quickly learn that they are an oligarchy, too. Their mythology is nominally communist, but the reality is that their society is as ruthlessly power pragmatic as any Capitalist society. Honestly, there is no concept of altruism in mainland China. That's not an exagferation.

Just finished converting a chiminea to gas so I don't smoke out my apartment neighbours. Works a treat! Mostly. (Boy the smell of singed hair is strong!)

Just been admitted to the hospital with chest pains in the heart area and shortness of breath. Probably one of the few people who would be better off if it turned out to just be COVID 19.

Our climate is in great danger! That’s why I’m currently protesting for doing something about it. Join me #globalClimateStrike

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When a billionaire dies, who inherits their senators?

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Switched the spellcheck language to English (Australia) but it still marked "Maccas" as incorrect so what is up with that

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To my newly trans friends and followers wondering how you’ll ever transition:

The snowball is your friend. Every gender affirming thing will give you confidence to do the next one.

I started with a single bracelet I was terrified of wearing and now I’m out in makeup presenting.

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highly upset that mastodon doesn't offer any convenient method of blocking myself. am i supposed to acknowledge my own posts? bow to the whims of my mind? just deal with the fact that me says things and i have to see them? i already have to deal with me 24/7 irl why would i want to see my content online

Then this young guy comes a-ringing, my most slothful feast he's bringing,
For the grim and grave travails of the kitchen do I shirk,
“With a pie of cheeses shredded, thou,” I said, “bring sticks a-breaded,
Slices plenty, sausage sizzling, carried with a knowing smirk—
Let me tip you with a tenner so I don't seem like a jerk!”

Quoth the pizza man,
“fuck work"

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a male counterpart told me he was making $10,000 more than me a year for the same job. he then helped me prepare to ask for a salary increase. I got it. had we not discussed our salaries, I would have never known.

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Having a drink at the Foxtrot (Crows Nest). Holy crap, I know it's only the beginning of winter, but seriously, you need to make sure you can operate an open fire without spewing smoke all over the place. My eyes are still watering.

How much has Proton progressed over time to run Windows games under Linux? That's how much: #linux #linuxgaming #proton #steamplay

Hey, you're doing just fine okay? We all move at our own pace. Be kind to yourself just as you would expect of your best friend

Meeting family at the pub. It's really busy. The fam is running late. I need a drink but if I go to the bar I'll lose the table. Gahhh!

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