Finally set up an account of , wow it feels like how Reddit used to be , great work @LemmyDev . Using the Fdroid Lemmur client works like a dream .

@GreyLinux @LemmyDev Performance issues are there in the app but as another user I can assure you that, its worth it!

@admin ha! ☺️Yeah I don't tend to, on public mediums . But I've seen that a few have been banned for swearing .

@GreyLinux swearing is fine, as long as its not insulting other people. and we specifically have a slur filter (mainly against racism, sexism and other bigotry).

and of course, anyone can make their own instance with different rules.


@GreyLinux @LemmyDev also if your interesred check tildes, it's only invite only but super well moderated :)

@GreyLinux @LemmyDev can not find such a lemmur app in fdroid...

Have also a own lemmy-instance since a few days ago...
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