@kev I agree with you Kev , I've very recently started using openmediavault and so far I am loving it . I found that after using Nextcloud for 4+ years I thought it would have improved the android side of things massively . Sync just doesn't work properly unless you open the app and sometimes, I would have to open and close it a few times to fully sync all my files . I think you hit the nail on the head they are trying to run before that can walk . Getting file sync perfect first .....


@kev before trying to add hundreds of half baked apps . My need meet your own media streaming , backups and files storage . Although I will say I'm trying to set up a light weight caldav calendar sync server on the NAS using Radicale . But otherwise that is it I don't need online document editing and news app for feeds just simple and stable file storage plus a couple of extras . Don't get me wrong I know I can disable all this but why should it be on to start with, it should be base file sync

@kev and then add the extras . As you say though nextcloud is great software but it needs a bit more time to mature and maybe a rethink on what the primary function is.

Great article though mate 👌

@GreyLinux thanks man, appreciate it. I’d love it if there was a decent RSS feed reader fro Synology. That’s one thing that’s really missing in their offering. I’m happy with FreshRSS, but having my feeds in my “cloud” was useful.

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