Do many of you use ?
I'm looking for a simpler solution to nextcloud .
I've run nextcloud for 4 years but I feel that it does so much that I don't need, that a simpler solution is needed , to just store photos,music and movies and integrate a caldav/cardav sever .
I know I can do this with radicale on the openmediavault server . But I'm interested in people's view of openmediavault .

I'm going to setup #openmediavault on my next day off. I'll report back when I know. I hate Emby and Kodi is overly complex/busy. OMV looks good though.

@herag nice ! I'll look out for your review when your done .

@GreyLinux I've recently installed OMV as a virtual machine on Proxmox. Overall, I like it as a simple NAS. I would argue against integrating Internet-facing servers with LAN servers though. I realised that I only really used carddav and caldav functionality of my Nextcloud server so I ditched that and installed NextcloudPi on a Raspberry Pi, which is totally adequate for my needs. This allows me to share folders for other people to upload files occasionally without risking my personal files.

@maximus yeah I agree! I intend to not have the Nas with an open port but I might have a open port on the caldav server though .

@GreyLinux I'm more than happy with nextcloud. You can disable a lot of the shite you don't need you know

@Sabex yeah I have most of it disabled , but I'm not entirely happy with the one main thing it's supposed to do which is upload files . It works reasonably well but when i upload lots of little files from an Android phone say for example photos , it needs me to close an open the app to restart the process every 5 to 10 photos. Which isn't the end of the world but I wish nextcloud did this primary thing perfectly and then added the rest that it can do .

@Sabex I kind of feel that nextcloud does alot of things almost really well but nothing perfectly . So my thoughts turn to simplify my setup for file storage and calandar/contacts sync only

@GreyLinux Hmmm, I don't get that. I sometimes get it crap out on very large files, and the app doesn't let you cancel uploads which is terribly annoying.

This might point to a configurational error or some such

@Sabex yeah it's very possible that this is a config thing .Ive never had problems with large files as along as it's just one or 2 that I upload at a time. Don't get me wrong Nextcloud is great software but I feel that it's progressing towards small businesses and cloud based working with apps like collabora and the latest flow integration , which is great if you work in a cloud environment . But all I want is local storage and calandar sync and want it to work well .

@GreyLinux I have a setup with just rsync and syncthing plus a server/pi sharing drives over SFTP and NFS. It handles all backing up and file syncing.

@cavaliertusky interesting! I suppose you cannot get simpler than that . This may become an option for me as I don't mind command line only , but I do prefer a GUI if possible .
I will keep you setup in mind thanks 😊

@GreyLinux @cavaliertusky I'd be interested in how you go with #openmediavault . I'm just starting out with #nextcloud for the family. But it has been quite a complicated journey so far.

@abeorch @cavaliertusky I shall post updates as I progress with openmediavault, currently I'm just starting with research and reviews before I make any final decisions.

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