Holy cow, this is real? 😛 Super interesting specs. Do we know if it will still require proprietary gpu blobs just to boot? Sounds like its very power hungry too.

I also think I would have rather had a single full size hdmi than 2 micros.

@kelbot yeah these seem to be the most common complaints so far, as far as I know the proprietary blobs are still there. But overall they have vastly improved the Pi specs 4GB RAM is amazing

The power requirements will be a big consideration for me in whether I use the Pi 4 for some things. Part of the great thing about the previous Pi's is being able to use any decent usb adapter I already have.

@kelbot I believe they moved to USB -C because most phones are now USB -C and so you can use those chargers . But as you say it is alot more power hungry

Yeah, its not a surprising choice but there are quite a few use cases where the spec bump will not be needed and the power use will be a no go. On the other hand, the Pi 4 may end up being the best arm SBC desktop experience hands down.

"One notable step forward is that for Raspberry Pi 4, we are retiring the legacy graphics driver stack used on previous models. Instead, we’re using the Mesa “V3D” driver developed by Eric Anholt at Broadcom over the last five years. This offers many benefits, including OpenGL-accelerated web browsing and desktop composition, and the ability to run 3D applications in a window under X. It also eliminates roughly half of the lines of closed-source code in the platform."

@kelbot @GreyLinux it’s too bad they closed-up the Pi over the years.

They did such a good job marketing and grew a great community, but at the same time made the hardware more and more closed. Maybe that was intentional, but regardless it’s a bummer.

Agreed. Unfortunately, to those of us who care about such things, half the proprietary code is not really better. If there's still proprietary code then we're right where we were before.

@kelbot @GreyLinux yeah, I’m also concerned about the closed nature of the hardware itself. Hard to justify designing things with it.

@jbob @kelbot yeah it is a bit rubbish ! Just think how it could be improved if the community was able to get a look behind the curtain.
To my knowledge there are not too many completely open SBC's

@GreyLinux @kelbot nothing completely open if you count inside the SOC, but Pine64 does open-source their hardware.

Unfortunately the trade-off you get with the cost/convenience of using an SOC is you can’t control much about what’s inside it.
@kelbot @GreyLinux could be :)

That’s a long conversation, but it has the potential if anyone finds a way to do it in enough volume to make the cost reasonable.

@jbob @kelbot yeah , I started following for this very reason .
I'm quite excited for their

@GreyLinux @kelbot me too!

I’ve been building with their stuff for awhile, been pretty happy with it but I do wish there was more docs/info like the Pi community.

@jbob @kelbot it would certainly encourage more people to use their platform, if the documentation available was on par !

@GreyLinux @kelbot yeah, they do what they can, but they don’t have the marketing and foundation behind them like the Pi.

The community is growing, and if they pull the phone off, I expect that will get more people turned on to their stuff.

@jbob @GreyLinux @kelbot We're working on improving the documentation! Most of what we do is community driven, so we need all the help we can get. :)

@PINE64 @kelbot @GreyLinux I hope to contribute more to that effort soon :)

I need to learn more about the ARM boot process, I’d like to put a custom Linux build together for my Clusterboard that’s minimal and tuned for HPC applications.

@PINE64 @jbob @kelbot I think that this is how it should be though, I know its not on par with Raspberry Pi, yet! But a community that is passionate about the platform and what it stands for ethincally, will progress it as a strong platform.

I would be more than happy to contribute back to pine64 docs also. Although my experience is extremely limited in this area.
I find that I'm drawn to the project, I would gladly join the community .

@GreyLinux @jbob @kelbot

IRC: uk.pine64.xyz:9090 (for web client, port 6667/6697 if you have your own client)

Discord: discordapp.com/invite/DgB7kzr

Those are bridged together, come say hi on one or the other!

@PINE64 @jbob @kelbot
Spooky! I am currently looking on your forum and website to see if I can create a multiroom audio set up with your SBC's.

I know how to do it using raspberry Pi's but it would be great to use your products . The only problem I'm finding is an amplifier addon board similar to Hifiberry to get the set up working.

@PINE64 @jbob @kelbot

Yeah something like that! however a little closer to this hifiberry.com/shop/boards/hifi

I have no need for the RCA sockets.

I'm thinking of starting a thread on the forum to discuss what options are available .

The basic setup would be SBC's with volumio OS, amp addon board with Ethernet server and WiFi clients , I could use the pine H64 board and possibly built an amp addon? The idea is to make a self contained speaker , one for each room .

I have partially done this and have has plans to do more of it in a more polished way than I am currently. In fact I have all the parts to build 2 small single speaker cabinets. All the audio hats/addon boards I've seen tend to be overpriced so I plan on using a small amplifier module and just wiring it up. I also have one amp module I found that has a 5v output on it so I can power the SBC from the amp board to avoid extra wires.
@PINE64 @jbob

@kelbot @PINE64 @jbob I would be interested in seeing this setup, have you got it on a blog?

No. I still don't have a blog but i'm thinking about starting one. Right now I have a pi 3 outputting to a portable speaker, and I hook my phone and PocketCHIP up to other speakers at times. My long term plan is to have a small attractive self-contained speaker in each room of the house.
@PINE64 @jbob

@PINE64 @jbob @kelbot I just on the IRC chat now, first time user ! setting it up on a client 😳 which is the best channel to say hi on ?

@kelbot yeah I read abit about this in an article I saw regarding the previous models, drivers ! I think the accelerated web browser benefit might finally allow for a decent browser experience, especially using firefox !

In use I expect it to be a much improved experience. Just a bummer that they don't really care about making it fully open.

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