I haven't posted in a while! there has been a lot of political debate bouncing round, which I actively avoid to achieve a happy life.

However one debate that has spurred an intrigue for me , is the the debate around purism and there services.

Now I wont debate the ethics ! (See above note regarding a happy life) but it has directed me to show interest in the , which I discovered because of seeing the debates.

Is it a contender in todays smart phone standards?

@GreyLinux I think the issue with any new phone provider is the lack of apps. Most people are accustom to the convenience of having an app for everything.

Although I’d love to switch to something more open, but there are a couple of apps I heavily rely on that wouldn’t be available on these kind of devices.

@kev very true! but I believe the majority of apps could be bypassed by using the web browser versions , for example instead of banking apps or social media apps the browser would suffice, if not provide the same experience.
I think we have become too reliant on the convenience that apps provide when we can access most if not all our content from the browser.

@GreyLinux completely agree, and I’m not heavily reliant on apps that most people would be. For me, the main ones are Spotify, Podcasts and (most importantly) my motorbike tracker app. That’s a deal breaker and can only be managed by the apps. 😕

@kev @GreyLinux In the past, I would have already upgraded to a newer phon eby now. I'm just hanging out with my oneplus 3t for a while longer until the librem 5 and pinephone are in the wild. I'm probably a prime candidate for these new libre phones because I've avoided any and all proprietary, locked down, drm riddled services to this point. I prefer short term incovenience over long term losing my control and freedom.

@kelbot @kev exactly my sentiment, I virtually only use opensource applications and the few that are not, I can use the web or do with out them should I need to . The main apps used on my phone are Firefox and an internet radio app for music every else is a nice to have application. I do the really heavy lifting so to speak on my laptop so I'm never solely reliant on a smartphone

@kev how interesting ! Have you researched alternatives to those applications that can provide access with out the app on your phone? I used to use Spotify, Google music, etc etc but realised eventually, I was only playing the same songs ( about 400 or so ) over an over, instead I downloaded them so I could play them from my nextcloud server to my phone using an ampache app. Occasionally I download any new ones that I might like and add them to the mix.

@kev just a quick one
The first one I found on a search engine.

@GreyLinux it's a proprietary tool that uses GPRS. It's not just GPS. 😞

@kev I think my main if not only concern would be could a linux phone keep up performance wise compared to what we are used to with android or ios

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