What hardware do you run or on .

Currently I run both on 2 Odroid HC1's
Without a fan .

I wondering whether better low powered hardware exists to improve my setup .


What's everyone's opinion regarding Linux phones?

I'm quite interested in the
Although I wish it had a slightly better camera and 5ghz WiFi support , but otherwise I'm impressed .

Is a Linux phone something you would consider in 2020?


Sorry if it's naive , but should I be using 2 factor authentication or TOTP on my nextcloud and home assistant instances ? both only have 2 users . It seems all organisations are pushing, using these authentication methods now .

Any advice on setting it up ?

@mike. ummmm! Mike are you aware your eyes are missing !!!!!

Just donated to Mozilla foundation to support an open web to "ensure the internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all"( as quoted from Mozilla)
Also my only web browser is Firefox , I use nothing else on all my devices. :firefox:

So I've decided to turn my old woodworking workshop, Into a super 3D printing /Tech /tinkering /Electronics and small amount of woodworking workshop .
That way I can get all my printers and electronics off the dining room table.
I just need a small heater to keep it above the due point temp and prevent it destroying my tech .

First day back, coding through my python course . I spent far too long away and I struggled to get back in the rhythm a bit . It got easier as the day went on though.

Yay! Home assistant has an official android app now just wish it was on fdroid .

I'm really frustrated, I'm so busy as the moment I can't get on with learning my Python course , it's been 5 days .
Damm! life getting in the way.


These last few weeks I've been learning python , learning Vim, learning Tmux and of course all the associated commands to use them all , strangely it all seems to be sticking

Also I installed guake as terminal emulator which I'm still on the fence about as I was using Gnome terminal before

:vim: :python:

I've been slowly learning python these last few weeks and I've started configuring Vim to be my python IDE
Today I discovered Bpython which is an awesome interface for the python interpreter ,
So I've ditched Idle and now my learning is based in the terminal .


Can anyone recommend an opensource python IDE for Linux ?

I am currently using Idle as I'm still only a beginner and I've tried Eric but its quite a busy interface .

Is Pycharm community edition the way to go ?

I've just started learning Python again using the Udemy online course. Finally it managing to stick . I can't wait till I good enough to contribute to all the projects I love.

I really excited that one day I can create my own apps.

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I haven't posted in a while! there has been a lot of political debate bouncing round, which I actively avoid to achieve a happy life.

However one debate that has spurred an intrigue for me , is the the debate around purism and there services.

Now I wont debate the ethics ! (See above note regarding a happy life) but it has directed me to show interest in the , which I discovered because of seeing the debates.

Is it a contender in todays smart phone standards?

So my first SSD arrived for my Odroid (Kingston a400) and nothing seemed to work how is was supposed to, errors were flying everywhere. Then I ordered a crucial SSD and I'm finally up and running on the Odroid HC1 with Dietpi OS, the Rootfs on the SSD, docker installed, Hassio container in docker and my configuration copied over. Surprised it only took 3 hours to set it all up and get hassio back up and running.
Apparently I'm not the only one with problems on Kingston drives

So I've just bought another Odroid HC1 , hopefully I'll have Hassio set up in docker on Dietpi. Then I can transfer my existing Hassio across. 🤞

Does anyone on here have a good knowledge of speakers, amps and enclosures?

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