Seriously ' ' is an amazing app , I can't believe I haven't found it sooner it's a fork of conversations with a few changes that makes setting up easier amongst other things. Xmpp is an amazing protocol!!!! Thanks fosstodon community for advising me to you use it and thank you @blabber for providing this

If your looking for an alternative to WhatsApp and signal then this is it .

:xmpp: :opensource:

At the end of the poll, after alot of advice and a bit of research , I think I will be giving xmpp my use and donations from now on . Thanks all who have me advice and votes in the poll

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Is there a good conversations server ?

I understand they need to keep the lights on and conversations is only €8 a year but is this the server to choose ? Are their free ones ?

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Wow why have I taken this long to look at XMPP it looks like the perfect option, can anyone recommend the best clients applications for Android and Linux ?

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I want to know the general thoughts on signal , I've used it for years but currently I'm worried it's going closed source . What's you opinion on signal. What's alternatives do you use .

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@GreyLinux I'd really like to see @PINE64 do a . I think they could put something together quickly that would be inexpensive and just as functional. They've got a lot more experience with hardware than Mycroft does, and the software is already being taken care of. Most of Mycroft is off the shelf anyway, so I wouldn't expect it to take much.

Just tried with the interface on the and I'm seriously impressed .
I really like the plasma mobile UI , I think I prefer it to phosh it's what you expect from a mobile device . When arch arm has it as an available interface I will definitely give it another go . Congrats to postmarketos and plasma mobile for the efforts made so far , it really shows how far it's moved on in such a Short time .

:postmarketos: :plasmamobile: :pine64:

Finally set up an account of , wow it feels like how Reddit used to be , great work @LemmyDev . Using the Fdroid Lemmur client works like a dream .

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@mobian community edition is starting to arrive! (this is the convergence 3GB version). Thanks @PINE64 (this phone has been purchased as a regular customer, and was in no way sponsored BTW)

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A number of have once again been rejected by DHL Hong Kong branch. Explanation given: battery warning sticker they requested leaves no space for their battery warning sticker.

We are reaching out to DHL for further explanation.

Is it me or is Firefox getting worse with its poor decisions and political statements lately ? Is there another opensource web browser that supports home assistant well enough that I can switch and get a reasonable experience when viewing the my home assistant and general web browsing ?

Has anyone tinkered with a yet ?
What's your experience so far ? :pine64:

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The #OpenStreetMap Foundation is running a survey (in 13 languages!) to find out more about the #OSM community. It should only take a few minutes, and we'd greatly appreciate as many responses as possible., 🙂 (pls boost)

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January Update!

- Announcing @mobian CE

- keyboard progress update

- and production news

- podcast in Feb

- New website is now up

- software news

- Red & firmware update

and much more!

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We are absolutely thrilled to announce that @PINE64 is releasing a Mobian Community Edition of the ! This is a major milestone for our project, which started less than a year ago as a way to bring Debian to this
mobile device!
10$ of each device sold will be donated to @mobian. See more soon about this on our blog at

Command line wins again !

Had to join to videos together and 'ffmpeg' comes to the rescue .

Couldn't get any of the other GUI programs to do this simple thing without it changing things that I didn't want .

Simplicity is always king .

just trying out tootle on the pinetab , what a great mastodon linux app.

(this toot was brought to you via tootle )


It's been a while since I last tried , honestly I think it's pipped arch for the top spot of usability in my books well done @mobian , great work .

Can anyone recommend a mastodon Linux app , that works well on pinetab ?

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