Is there any iOS app developers who can work on the xmpp communication app,

message @snikket_im for info and details about the job .

Personally I don't benefit as I use Android but the community and the project will be grateful .


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It's possible to tweak quite a bit of things using the gtk3 css overrides in phosh :D

@snikket_im @jssfr Not sure why I have a Linux mint emoji on that post , but I think it works ! Opensource for the win .

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Yesterday I set up my very first self hosted xmpp server with the help from after a small amount of debugging and a lot of advice from the guys on the snikket chat .
I have a family chat app that I control .

Thanks again @snikket_im great product and extremely supportive team .

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Well thanks to @mike I've gone and bought myself a smart watch 🙄

Mike ! Stop convincing me to part with my money !!!!

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@GreyLinux Yea, the whole thing really exchanging the display on the Mark 1 with a graphical output on the Mark 2. Honestly, the Mark 2 seems LESS complicated than the Mark 1. I do like the idea that @kev floated. They have a custom board that they're creating. Sell that board and the 3d models and people can make their own. I'm still holding out hope that maybe @PINE64 will make a . Since the Mark 3 was supposed to be available in stores in 2019, I expect Pine64 could still beat them.

Can anyone recommend an xmpp server , one that supports video calling ? which was amazing had been discontinued. 😥.

Or alternatively I'm happy to self host but I would need to setup video calling along with the xmpp server , I'm not entirely sure how easy this is .

So I'm obsessed at the moment with /e/ OS on my OnePlus 5t , I've installed lineageOS in the past but never really liked it. /e/ has allowed me to be Google free on my phone with ease.

I love the look of the UI and I love the free email account /nextcloud storage ,
Although I don't use the storage side of it (I self host all my storage) I love that it's an open source software.

Well done @e_mydata

You guys have breathed new life into my OnePlus 5t & finally it's goggle free

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate a phone manufacturer telling us not to buy phones so often?

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We have a bunch of tech and non-tech opened positions at /e/! Software engineers, hackers, designers...

Feel free to RT or to forward to friends!

#jobs #remote #engineers #tech

I've just discovered that the excellent project , once thought dead , is very much alive , it's similar to moode audio and Volumio and it's based on Arch Linux .
If you fancy getting started using a raspberry pi and speaker then check it out .

It's being continued by fans of the original Rune Audio so its on GitHub now rather than the website .

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Video calls in Dino are slowly coming together. We are already making successful OMEMO encrypted video calls! The feature is included in our nightly builds now, but there's still further work to be done.

Seriously ' ' is an amazing app , I can't believe I haven't found it sooner it's a fork of conversations with a few changes that makes setting up easier amongst other things. Xmpp is an amazing protocol!!!! Thanks fosstodon community for advising me to you use it and thank you @blabber for providing this

If your looking for an alternative to WhatsApp and signal then this is it .

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At the end of the poll, after alot of advice and a bit of research , I think I will be giving xmpp my use and donations from now on . Thanks all who have me advice and votes in the poll

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Is there a good conversations server ?

I understand they need to keep the lights on and conversations is only €8 a year but is this the server to choose ? Are their free ones ?

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Wow why have I taken this long to look at XMPP it looks like the perfect option, can anyone recommend the best clients applications for Android and Linux ?

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I want to know the general thoughts on signal , I've used it for years but currently I'm worried it's going closed source . What's you opinion on signal. What's alternatives do you use .

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@GreyLinux I'd really like to see @PINE64 do a . I think they could put something together quickly that would be inexpensive and just as functional. They've got a lot more experience with hardware than Mycroft does, and the software is already being taken care of. Most of Mycroft is off the shelf anyway, so I wouldn't expect it to take much.

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