Anyone here have experience with software using C/C++ and want to volunteer helping to build a microcontroller for a ventilator?

Saw this listing when looking for places to volunteer and immediately thought of Fosstodon:

I'm Leafy, 15, he/him, autistic. I'm a big computer nerd and I love Linux and the FOSS community, I wanna learn programming soon since I don't know much about it yet. I'm a very chill type of guy and I'm willing to make new friends.

@bpepple @zeab well, while it's clear that Google has the money, Mozilla's executives are making over 1M dollars anually, yet they decided to cut the projects that helped them to improve their browser instead of reducing executive salaries.

500M dollars is a good amount of money. To begin with, if what makes you important and relevant is a browser, you just don't fire the R&D team considering that the web is a fast pace enviroment.

i've just uploaded a project I've been working on
It is a API wrapper written in . it's now on and also on PIP.
I would appreciate some feedback.

Whats worse is if you are a developer and still don't know how to implement what you are thinking.
Been there.

Silly user thinking we are not just leasing our devices to them.

"It's amazing how many organisations are given access on but the end-user isn't!" - shared from a scary but true Hacker News comment that resonates with me.

good idea from jbay808 on HN 

Maybe instead of hard-coding these preferences in the search engine, or having it try to guess for you based on your search history, you can opt-in to download and apply such lists of ranking modifiers to your user profile. Those lists would be maintained by 3rd parties and users, just like eg. adblock blacklists and whitelists. For example, Python devs might maintain a list of search terms and associated urls that get boosted, including stack exchange and their own docs. "Learn python" tutorials would recommend you set up your search preferences for efficient python work, just like they recommend you set up the rest of your workflow. Japanese python devs might have their own list that boosts the official python docs and also whatever the popular local equivalent of stackexchange is in Japan, which gets recommended by the Japanese tutorials. People really into 3D printing can compile their own list for 3D printing hobbyists. You can apply and remove any number of these to your profile at a time.

Dang this is a really good idea.
Is there anyone working on something similar?

@hund There are no used copies lying around because the book doesn't have an easy way to quit.

The ideal system would be one with systemD remade in electron and gnome remade in electron as well all with the temple os kernel you may not like it but this is what peek performance is

Rip. Tried finding an old thread asking to make an AWS study group and now I cannot find it.

Oh well. I thought it might be fun and productive for me.

Why are people complaining about the speed of ?
I use it and have no issue. Is it just issues with web development speed wise?

It is because of what will happen for everyone using Macs. Foss people want freedom for all.

Scary to realize I only have heard about Apple becoming more of a walled garden on Fosstodon.
People seem to give Apple a free pass.

Perhaps the app store lawsuit will get Apple to change their ways?

Give the typical "We are not responsible for our product not working."

Also see if you can encrypt their photos for them.

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