“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.” – Bishop Desmond Tutu

@Graycot As a wise man once said:

"Those who are neutral tend to be the worst of the set. Those who support an activity shall be pained by the decision, while those against will be disturbed from their peace."


ah yes, classic guilt tripping. you don't preach fairness by guilt tripping people, that's pharisaism

@birnim hmm? That's the message you got out of this? Fairness? Guilt tripping? That is a very curious interpretation. At first I thought you responded to the wrong post. There is no reference to fairness in the text.

You read my toot, but you did not understand it. Your inflammatory rhetoric is bizarre and off-topic. You feel attacked by a difference of opion, and you retailate. That's self-destructive behavior.

Neutrality is never about fairness, that is a graceful lie. It's about war.

@Graycot rofl, you really think countering an opinion about a quote that's not even yours with a wall of ad hominem claims is a good strategy for continuing a debate or even pretending to win it? think again 😂

neutrality is an act of selfishness, which is natural. because humans are selfish. all of them, to a certain point. and quite often neutrality works as instinctive self-defense. if you see a bunch of people throwing shit at each other, you may choose to just walk by rather than join them

@birnim @Graycot

Meh, I don't think Desmond Tutu was much of a Pharisee, or a guilt tripper.

Maybe give Matthew 5-7 another read? :) <3

@RL_Dane @Graycot you can scroll back, read again, and finally realize that I commented on this particular quote rather than on its author. If I wanted to generalize, I would go further and just say that the whole Christianity is built on the concept of guilt tripping people for further exploitation for mercantile reasons. It was always like that, it is still like that.

And yes, I'd trust more what's said online by anons rather than what's said by anybody related to a church. Any church.

@birnim @Graycot

Why yes, I *can* read.
First of all, accusing that guy of Pharaisism given your next statement is a bit rich, but whatevs.

While the history of the church (like any human institution) is bathed in way too much blood, I think your brush a bit too broad. While it is nowadays all too often a servant of crass capitalism, it absolutely isn't always so.

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