If state institutions use Windows for their administration, that means that Microsoft has absolute control over the state.

@Giorgio This is why work done for the people should be done with F.O.S.S.
Unfortunately the cancer that is capitalism corrupts those in power ☹️

@greenpete @Giorgio Ehhhh.

There is plenty of valid debate to be had about the pros and cons of capitalism, but there is more nuance to corruption.

The average elected official in the US spends more time campaigning to stay in office than they do working. This means large expenditures of money on e.g. ads. As such, it's way *way* too easy to buy their loyalties by "donating" to their campaigns.

There's more to it, but my point is that "capitalism" is an oversimplification of a complex issue.

@greenpete @Giorgio To put it differently, there isn't any convenient one-word answer that really accurately sums up the problems.

@pixelherodev @greenpete There are no "pros" of capitalism. I'm not debating about that.

@pixelherodev @Giorgio No, and I can be guilty of it sometimes, but I fail to see much if anything good in capitalism...

@greenpete @Giorgio It really depends on how you define "capitalism".

Do you mean modern America's oligarchic growth-prioritizing insanity? Then sure, I'm in full agreement, it has no redeeming qualities.

What about the Nordic model? I'd contend that the Nordic model provides a nice balance between a social safety net and limited government power.

Capitalism is a broad term which encompasses a lot of (mutually incompatible) ideas, so it's important to be clear with what is being discussed.

@pixelherodev @Giorgio Definitions are of utmost importance...
To be clear, I am no expert on the topic of capitalism. I am defining and working from personal experience here.
'Pure capitalism' I feel (not think) is a bad idea. To capitalise on something seems inherently bad, greedy.
The complexity you speak of is, as I see it, the problem of it being executed by humans, a complicated and dysfunctional creature collectively speaking.

@pixelherodev @Giorgio 2/2 I have no knowledge of the Nordic model, but I'm guessing it's 'pure capitalism' constrained by less/non dysfunctional people, thus making it less toxic and more palatable..?

@greenpete @Giorgio

It's a sort of hybrid of capitalism and socialism in which the welfare state and a capitalist market work together in harmony.

> As of 2020, all of the Nordic countries rank highly on the inequality-adjusted HDI and the Global Peace Index as well as being ranked in the top 10 on the World Happiness Report.

@pixelherodev @Giorgio Mmm, I might find acceptable elements there.
But The Nordic model is just that, a model that includes but is not, in and of itself, capitalism.

@greenpete @Giorgio It *is* a capitalist model. It's not "pure capitalism," but there's no such thing.

It's as capitalist as America's system - arguably more so.

@Giorgio they only use computers as an accelerator tho, the primary database is still on paper

The state needs to insist on free software in its own computing for the sake of its computational sovereignty. The state has a responsibility to the people to maintain control over the computing it does on their behalf. Most government activities now depend on computing, and its control over those activities depends on its control over that computing. Losing this control in an agency whose mission is critical undermines national security


And the state is using the most virus prone operating system on the planet.

@Giorgio While it's true that they have unfair influence and leverage due to this, keep in mind that the state can and does demand ability to review the code. I wouldn't consider their control "absolute" because of that.

@robby That only applies to the US. Here in Spain they just use it without questioning anything.

@Giorgio I'm pretty sure the federal government is given sources to Windows and are allowed to make arbitrary changes to it. So it's probably a little less bad than that.

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