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It’s cold and snowing outside. Go and put food out for the birds.



Just something positive about the #fediverse 

I made a hasty conclusion based on faulty troubleshooting yesterday (lol) and you know what I realized?

NOT ONCE did I receive insults or threats. I guarantee you, if this was , it would have been very different.

So thanks everyone, for making the a nice place. 😊

I discovered why the uBlock icon wasn't showing up in my taskbar. 🎉 The 'run in private browser' option was disabled.

Why did I not think of this? Because I didn't know that "disabling cookies and site data when Firefox is closed'' == "permanent private browsing mode" despite Firefox displaying a VERY CLEAR WARNING. 🤦‍♀️

Still doesn't explain seeing ads after installing uBlock Origin and the lack of adds directly after disabling DRM, but at least I can use YT again. Sorry for the drama yall 😙

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Just restarted my whole system. I still see YT ads on Firefox. uBlock Origin is enabled, Widevine disabled, so I'm guessing it's not the latter.


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So yeah anywho welcome to the adventure that is adblocking. Sorry for the crappy troubleshooting, been out of IT too long 😂

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Just tried reproducing it.

The first time Widevine was on by default, I installed uBlock Origin, and restarted Firefox. Ads weren't blocked. I disabled Widevine, ads were suddenly blocked.

Just uninstalled uBlock Origin. Enabled Widevine. Restarted browser. Installed uBlock Origin. Restart browser. Widewine still enabled. I see ads. I then disabled Widevine and lo and behold I don't see ads.

HOWEVER, I restarted Firefox again. Now Widevine is disabled, and crap I see YT ads again.

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@Andy_P The rescued kittens have arrived. They’re not quite as wild (spicy) as some feral kittens, so hopefully they won’t be too hard to tame. Turkey flavored baby food, human baby food, usually does the trick. But tonight they get to just chill in their new space.

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Oh holy crap I found the culprit!

came with this Widevine DRM extension by . That was overriding uBlock Origin. As soon as I disabled the YT ads were gone. TIL.

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Am I the only one who's adblockers in don't work anymore when it comes to ?

Super annoying, it basically makes watching Youtube from a browser impossible.

My mom: "straight to the fish gulags with you."

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That tag made me remember something else. In elementary school we all had to take a typing course. This was sold to us as hugely important, since a typing certificate was required for office jobs.

They gave us these massive old typewriters. My fingers would always miss the keys, which hurt. Being a stubborn kid, I quit the course. It was hammered into me that I would not have a future. "Did I not want to become a secretary?!"

I still type weird, but I think I ended up ok. 😂😂

Currently enjoying the "Designing a human centric next generation internet" talk by @jens

Meanwhile, is frantically preparing for 10cm of snow this weekend. Our Prime Minister is urging people to please not fall during ice skating. ❤️

✅ Belgian waffle
✅ Belgian beer
✅ Laptop open

Ready for 🥳🎉

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@Gina have you printed this sign for your door so that you can recreate the authentic #fosdem experience?

Oooh I completely forgot that is this weekend!! 🥳🥳🎉

Diving into the schedule today:

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