My 2500th follower will get a free compliment. Only 1 more to go! 🥳🥳

@porkloin is #2500!! 🥳🥳 You may not post a lot, but I'm glad you're here.

@Gina oh wait, maybe I should create another mastodon account… 🤪

How about we all return this favour. I'll start.
You always spice up the timeline with your bold ideas, rock climbing pictures and everything. It's like there's a whole world out there!

@sexybiggetje ♥️♥️♥️

You're a super kind human!!

@thewk I checked and according to our loyalty reward program you earned a free compliment: I like the waves in your hair, it reminds me of surfing in Portugal 🌊😁

@Gina Did not know about that program, what a nice surprise!

Thanke you 🙂

@Gina I feel like someone should be live tooting this!

@Gina @porkloin That's some Gina-on-the-spot complementing skills!


@Gina ok I unfollowed you. Now I just need to wait for 2499 and refollow.

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