Leaving for in an hour and thought I'd look up fun things to do there..

That escalated quickly.

@Gina Yeah I do that every now and then. Nice thing to in Zakynthos 👍

@Gina I wasn't familiar with Zakynthos, so I had to look it up. After seeing some pictures, "Buy a House" doesn't seem like a bad idea. I'm on board.

@mike @Gina can the next round of Patreon donations go towards a Fosstodon holiday home? 🤔

@stuts That's a little bit outside of our normal income, but if the community can pull it off, I've got first dibs!


@Gina I didn't even have to look up the name of the place to know it's Greek. 😆

Have a good time!

@Gina You can use activity 6 to:
Free up more houses for sale.
Drastically lower the asking price.

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