@Gina I miss it. It's been some years since I was last there now. It used to be a regular thing.

Felt nice to see more signs of life with the warm sunny evening yesterday!

@Gina Is this you going to work or you having holidays? either way I'm jealous 😛

@Gina I hope you've got the weather that we had yesterday. It was lovely.

@Gina Maskless man in the first one feels really irritating. I wonder if that's how we're going to look at media for a while...

Enjoy the sunny day!

@Gina we have been enjoying nice long walks in the sun the last two days 🌞🌞🌞

@ajmartinez oh my god it has been good hasn't it? I forgot what the sun felt like.

Now prepare for 4th winter.

@Gina yeah like I was walking around in a short sleeved shirt still Toasty AF and thought oh lawd I have become Dutch if it gets #Texas hot again this summer imma die. 😭☠️

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