Taking a Zoom training with a “IT isn't really my thing wait is my camera on I can't hear you guys haha technology am I right” boomer participant is a special kind of hell. 🤦‍♀️

@Gina it’s only 1 year into the pandemic, eventually they’ll figure this „videoconference thing“ out...

YOU ARE MUTED! Damn.....

@nvsr ok but to be fair, MS Teams is absolute garbage.

@Gina I'm coming from Skype for Business, but right now it just feels like a HTML wrapper for it. At least the webcam backgrounds are fun.

@nvsr very small annoyance, but if you have a meeting with only one other person, your own screen will be minimized in the corner and you can't change it. I want to look at myself fullscreen goddammit! 😂


*inexplicable amount of noise*

*camera on, but joined by phone, can only see their ceiling/top of head*

*unmutes every time you force mute them*

*somehow is muted ONLY when asked for input*


@Gina Honestly, some part of the tech chain is still garbage. I use a camera and dedicated mic and no app on the mac or on linux (no matter if native or in the browser) is able to remember the devices. Instead it will default to any audio device from time to time, having no clue what in and out could be...

@Gina Mrs Basil was on a group call where 10 filmmakers were giving a development pitch. In turn, they each gave a presentation and said their bit to the group, then everyone would watch the trailer for the film just pitched on their own computer. Then feedback is given both from mentors and the other filmmakers, then move on the the next one.

@Gina Well, there was one lady, who couldn't really work Zoom and didn't really know what was going on or what mute was so everyone was listening to her watch all the trailers. Then she started watching trailers while people were presenting, was just a massive shit show.

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