Filing taxes: 30 min.

Panic attack because you're terrified of doing it wrong and being labeled a fraud and having your life destroyed like the many others who have been crushed by the Dutch Tax Authority and years later still live with systemic debt oh fuck idk *wheeze* take all my money omg please just leave me alone: 2 hours.

@nvsr Lol nope, it evened out to 0. To be fair, their new online pre-filled forms are super chill. They basically already know everything and ask you to verify but oh fuck oh god what if it's wrong and what even are deductibles?!!??!?!?

@Gina I'm hoping I get some money myself. Perhaps I'll do my taxes this afternoon, kinda want to know.

@Gina Looks like I'm at least getting something. It doesn't seem like I have any deductibles, so it was as easy as clicking next most of the time. Let's hope it was correct too lol

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