So nice to be wearing masks for the elderly.

@Gina ik krijg nu wel zin in een patatje eigenlijk. Maar wel rete irritant die ouwe lui die het allemaal niets boeit.

@FiXato @nvsr voor mij ook!

Maar inderdaad, ondankbaar tuig.

@Gina @FiXato he gatver, pinda. doe mij maar een patatje zonder of een raspatatje ofzo 🤤

@nvsr @Gina een frikandel speciaal of broodje kroket met mosterd gaat er ook wel in, maar dat kennen ze hier in Noorwegen helaas niet :(
Een gehaktstaaf komt er dan nog het dichtste bij.

Nu wil ik ook frietje oorlog.

I love that wanting friets virals so well in NL. Whole country will probably now buy friets, or at least all of Dutch fedi. Probably this happens to thousands of nederlanders ever day.🍟🥜🧅💓 @nvsr @Gina

@Gina i love the other version better, when people only cover their mouth 😅

@Gina perhaps they've all had their vaccination?

@FiXato sort of hoping for that, but with the vaccination rate here it's kind of unlikely.

@Gina now I am curious though, can you still be a carrier/transmitter if you have been vaccinated?

@FiXato @Gina The latest I've seen on that question is "we actually don't know yet", but that was weeks ago - I don't know if they've made any new science in the meantime.

@FiXato @Gina most studies and most data available for the vaccines in use suggest they *drastically* reduce transmission.

@FiXato @Gina but the vaccine rollout in the Netherlands is glacial as far as I understand.

@Gina and the thing that caught most of my eye was the sign for friets. I must get back.

@Gina I can't help but see a group of more than five people and think "TAHT'S ILLEGAL".

Then I remember that the picture very likely isn't taken in Denmark. (We currently have a ban on assembly for more than 5 people with some exceptions)

Veterans discussing Adidas vs. Nike. 3:1 at that time. 😄

I rearly see the wlderly wear them. I go to a lot of reteirment homes and only emplys and visitors duo. Probobly as its way to dificult to make them warr them

@Gina Looks like a smaller gathering of our local children's baseball league. No one wearing masks, people all crowded together with strangers...

@Gina gelukkig heeft niemand van hun overgewicht xD

@Gina sigh. Back home the governor decided the pandemic is over.

@ajmartinez yeah I saw, what the F? Are people going to follow the no-mask mandate?

@Gina honestly last time I was there nobody was wearing them anyway.

@Gina I can't discover what is the date of the photo. This year? Last year? Ten years ago?

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