doesn't play much of a role in my life anymore, and most of my posts aren't very IT related, so I'm thinking of maybe moving to a different server in the .

Where should I go?

Maybe I need an alt account where I can be an absolute weirdo.

@Gina Stay right here. This is where you belong.😃

Stay here please. Even the toughest nerds are happy to read your nice posts from lovely Amsterdam.

Don't think foss is that impottent. You are an importent part of the cimunety and we like to have you around here

@Gina find an instance that fits the theme of what you want to see. The beauty of Mastodon is that you can go to any instance you want and have basically the same experience.

@Gina maybe Good admins, as far as I can tell friendly users.

@querdenker @Gina
No. Lots of left wing hate posts, even doxing. is an ugly place.

@querdenker 🤔 also vor monaten hatten wir mal so nen doxer... und uns natürlich drum gekümmert. was mir sonst noch einfällt ist, dass hier mal etwas rechtere leute waren, denen das hier "zu links" war @Cedara @meldrian

@milan @Cedara @meldrian Es wohl um 2 Toots vom Erdrandbewohner zum Thema Corona-Leugner und vermeintlichem Aufruf zur Gewalt...

@milan @Cedara @meldrian Es wohl um 2 Toots vom Erdrandbewohner zum Thema Corona-Leugner und vermeintlichem Aufruf zur Gewalt...

@querdenker @milan Der Zusammenhang damals war, dass als jemand, der in der Pflege arbeitet, er nicht mehr erzählen kann, aber ich mir sehr gut vorstellen kann, worum es gegangen sein könnte. Somit habe ich es damals durchgehen lassen.


@rudolf @Gina Guess you're kidding. AFAIK the admin / the moderators are reacting very fast, when it comes to that shit.

@querdenker @Gina
Here, a regular posts he wants to attack people of differing opinion, I reported that.

Here he posted a picture of people on a demonstration, suggesting "maybe you will meet someone", which means attacking them:

I reported that too, nothing was done. And obviously others find this funny.

No I am not kidding. I don't like being with fascists, whether left or right wing.

@rudolf @Gina
Don't know your native language - but: Context and Interpretation...
Have you talked to the OP? Asked him why he is that upset about Corona deniers?
Or was his post so offending that you've blocked him?


Du bist ja eine echt süße Dramaqueen...

(...) ""maybe you will meet someone", which means attacking them"

Richtig übersetzt heißt das: "Maybe someone knows someone."

Und es meint (sinngemäß): "Liebe Trierer Timeline, vielleicht erkennt ihr ja jemanden auf dem Foto, von dem ihr noch nicht wusstet, dass diese Person so drauf ist."

Aber hey, "Skandaaaal!!11!! Draaaamaaaa!!!11!"



Unfortunately, sarcasm is hard to catch.

As I know who the original poster is and that he works in a care job, I can imagine how it must be running into Covid-deniers.

If you translate "recognising someone" with meeting and attacking then I cannot help you.

As one of the mods I researched the posts and looked at the context and didn't see harm.

I saw sarcasm and annoyance with covid deniers.

@querdenker @Gina

@Gina please tell me where i can find it then :-)

@Gina you should stay here and be an absolute weirdo here, doesn’t have to be all IT related here I’m sure

@Gina My friend added my toots to a tech-related RSS feed, but it turns out I do more weird posts and Japanese posts than tech, so that kinda started flooding him :-)

@Gina not sure about instances though. I'm happy on mine, but I can understand it's not ideal for everyone since it's a non-English instance.

@Gina I highly recommend this. Signed, an alt account created so I could be an absolute weirdo.

@Gina I like the idea of having an alternate identity. This way you can post where you like, as you like.

@Gina Whoops, fat fingers...

Anyway, I'm waiting on my account to be approved so I can keep running this instance for friends/family and go be a weirdo over there ;)

@Gina the whole 'choose an instance' is hard. No-one fits just one community. I tried having multiple accounts, but it was too much work. So maybe just follow more / other people?

@Gina So liberating, highly recommended. Then you get followers and they keep limiting our expression again. Cycle of life I guess 🤷

@Gina I think most people would prefer you to stay. I know I'd like it better that way.

@Gina Stay here. We sometimes need a break from tech and enjoy the weirdness :)

@Gina I guess you can stay here and be weird at the same time. 😉

@Gina I'd like it if you stayed, even if your posts aren't always IT related (they don't exactly have to be).Your posts are enjoyable usually.

But the decision is yours ultimately.

@Gina One of the nice things about the fediverse is that you're already there. Where ever you go, you're already posting on their site. Maybe look up more users from different servers? I peek into the firehose that is 'federated' often enough to pick up some fellow weridos on occasion.

@Gina I cannot really answer your question, since a good recommendation depends a lot on your specific interests. Especially on those you feel are falling short on this instance.

You might be less imposed to IT now, but this too can change. Also, you might have a different job now, but maybe you still find the things interesting here that attracted you in the beginning. Nothing keeps you from having two accounts.

Finally, as always: Don't listen too much to random people on the internet. :)

@Gina why don't you register and toot from there :D

What means "doesn't play much of a role"?
Even though #foss may not play a role in professional life, I cannot imagine it does not play a role in life any more.
At work everyone uses #cots... But #foss still plays a huge role for me. I think I would still write with pen on paper without because I wouldn't trust a commercial text editor 😂

@Gina You don't have to go to an other server. In Federation all servers are connected together. You have to follow the accounts who are writing what you like....

That's Federation.

@Gina you can still stay here if you want too 😊

Also, please forgive me you might have posted about it but last time I checked you were working in the IT department of an association. Is that job over?

@Crocmagnon i left the fully foss job, I work in government now.

@Gina I don't think Fosstodon is just for Foss. You're still a geek, stay here it's fine. 🙃 If you move, let me know so I can keep following you.😇

@datenteiler @Gina I support this message! 👏
But AFAIK it is no longer necessary to notify followers when moving accounts. The newer version of the Mastodon protocol should allow to move to a different server without losing followers :mastodon:

@Gina FOSS is for life. Once FOSS, always FOSS.

Stop talking non-sense you sensible person, you

@Gina and are cool, but probably don't match you specifically.

@Gina you could come be a dragon with us at we'll even light a fire to warm your welcome cave.

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