Can I interest anyone on the in a FREE DRONE? It's a few years old, barely used because no one knows how it works, and it's pretty crappy 😅 supposedly there's a camera in it, but again, I have no idea how it works. We did get it to fly!

If interested I'll send it via parcel service (postal fees apply).

@Gina that's interesting! It will be surely fun for kids!

@Gina Hey Gina! I'd be interested for sure. A crappy drone sounds like just the thing to tinker with for me. Maybe I can figure it out and give it to someone else again, looks like it makes a nice gift.

From your walking-with-the-cat videos I figured we live quite close to each other, so I could just pop by (or meet half-way if you don't want just some random dude in the fediverse to know where you live, I respect that).

Tinkering with a drone? That would be cool…
I would ask for it if I didn't live half a world away :D

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