@Gina So far so good. Getting ready for my first meeting.

How about you?

@lasombra omw to work. At least the weather is still really nice. Interesting how much that can affect your mood.

@Gina Oh yeah. Weather is a great mood stabiliser.

Back in the old country I was always grumpy and unhappy. Now I absolutely love every single weather event 🙂

Have a safe trip to the office. I wish I could go to the office 😞 Miss the people and the laughter

Did you decide on your coffee strategy for 2021?

@lasombra May I ask where the new country is? Not yet, got so much good advice, I still have to go through them all ☕

@Gina g’morning! i’m still awake because somebody stole the time from midnight to 5am. i swear, i was only looking something up real quick!

(and secretly stoked that the weather might allow slacklining or even a small solo bouldering outing)

@Gina I immediately looked at the time thinking it had to be much later than I thought. Good morning and goodnight!

@Gina pretty good! The lovely weather can stay as long as it wants ☀️

@Gina Doing pretty well, a bit sad though because winter is gone...
How are you doing today?

Fine, brilliant sunshine so I'll have the next coffee on the roof, thanks for asking :p

@Gina Today I find myself very confused about the Dutch ij / y / ei situation...

@stookie oh no, who's forcing you to learn silly swamp German?

@Gina Ha, funny you should say that, while trying to work out why my father spelled his last name differently to my grandfather and uncle (see ei/ij/y whinge), I've discovered that my Dutch name might actually be pidgin-German!

Is northern Europe still freezing over at the moment?

@stookie no we have sun atm, I'm coming alive again :)

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