Eyyy we're back in the 5K game 馃挭馃挭

@Gina uhm, I just want to remind you, that this image is probably not pixelated enough to obscure your location.

Otherwise congratulations!

@sheogorath yeah if yall could not murder me, that would be great.

Yeah, that certainly stops murderers: travel restrictions.

@Gina @trianderror unless it's within walking distance of a train station it really does sound like a lot of work...

@Gina @trianderror not to mention the weights that she lifts. She'd probably kick my ass 馃槱

The creepy thing is that you're pondering about this for over 4 hours now, Hannibal...

@Gina @sheogorath Even worse, it's not pixelated enough to obscure the Google logo. 馃ぃ

@Gina @sheogorath what鈥檚 a little murder between Internet acquaintances?

Admittedly I know where from the shape, but my wife and I are receiving our first rescue pupper tomorrow so even if we were to actually end up crossing paths ever, probably would be greatest risk from snood boops and mild borking 馃惗. I am going to try and train pupper to jog with me, but I don't run round there anyway. Nice that you're enjoying the weather and being active!

@Gina I envy you, snow here is melting now, making everything super slippery
I had to run super slow to avoid falling on my ass today 馃槀
Are you training for some kind of race or just being healthy?

@lopeztel just being healthy. The weather is so nice here rn 馃憣

@Gina Enjoy it on my behalf then, happy running! 馃檪

@cooper @Gina
I'll second that. Good job. Wish I could run but my knee just can't support it.

馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ a few landfill hills, a few bridges and if you go to Limburg it goes up to about 300m above sea level!

But we get to run below sea level 馃し


@sammorrowdrums @Gina 馃槀 40 m during 5 km sounds like some GPS tolerance 馃槀

But that possibility to run below sea level is cool!

In my last Amsterdam half marathon distance Strava shows 45m elevation gain 馃ぃ

@Gina Nice one! That's faster than me. In fact, I am not even back to 5 km yet. #goals #challenge 馃槃

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