Guess who is starting her new job today 馃コ馃コ

@Gina How thoughtful :). That looks yummy! Enjoy your day and good luck.

@Gina did you say you'll bring brownies in your job interview? 馃

Because now everybody will want to hire you 馃槒 馃槇

(cc @thumb)

@DaD @thumb brought em to my first day on the job, I'm already hired 馃槈

@Gina so now you are testing if it's a good place to stay to see how people react to your brownies. Will they bring some tomorrow? etc.

馃構 work

(cc @thumb)

@Gina Going straight for the gut! I like your style 馃檪

@Gina congratulations! What will you be doing?

@moiety an IT management position at the government 馃帀馃帀

Best of luck for the new job 馃榿
In home office or on location?

@Gina how much they pay? just to know if you going to be worthy
@Gina well done getting a new job. I'm sure you will do great 馃憤

@Gina Congrats! (hope you got there without any incidents)

@Gina Woohoo!! Congratulations!!!

Mastermind of IT Operations?

@sexybiggetje it went great! Nice people, lots of stuff to do, onboarding is pretty chill so far. I mean, it's work, but it's fine. 馃槉

@Gina That's amazing! Go for it! 馃挭 馃榾

@Gina Congrats! I hope it鈥檚 everything you鈥檙e looking for!

Congrats! I鈥檓 starting my new job today, too! New job buddies!

@Gina Congratulations on your new job. I wish you find some exciting new tasks and less stress and struggle in your life with the job.

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