which productivity apps do you use? And how are they integrated?

Use case: starting a new job, taking a uni course, writing a masters thesis, plus personal goals to achieve. Walking around with a massive to do list in my head.

I'm trying out apps to keep track, but they're not integrated. Think mail in one app, calendar in another, Nextcloud + deck, tasks in a notes app. Since it's not integrated, I'm often doing double work or lose track. How do other people do this? 🤔

@Gina I've mostly been using NextCloud Notes for that, but tried some other solutions on NextCloud as well (including just syncing markdown or text files using WebDAV). It works, but still in quite some situations you feel the price of using FLOSS - in terms of integration and tooling support, there are limits). Might depend on your actual requirements though - what kind of integration do you have in mind? 🙂
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@z428 I think the one that I most desperately need is a NC deck - Calendar integration. Which should be possible with NC tasks and caldav, if I remember correctly.

Buttt I use a foss calendar I found on fdroid, which doesn't support integrations. Maybe I just need a new calendar.

As far as I know, most calendar apps, even FOSS ones, use the internal Android calendar. So it should work with DAVx5.

NC-Deck has a Calendar integration since one of the last update. 👍 I use the heck out of it.

@cappuMUC Cool, wasn't aware of that, need to give it a try for sure.

@Gina I've been using some caldav based tasks app for a while which actually was pretty neat, think it was Astrid (which even supported hierarchical tasks). This, then again, worked pretty poorly with the NC web calendar. 😐

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