Another snowy morning walk with Dutch and my coffee. πŸ˜Ίβ˜•

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@Gina Hello.

Either you like ice coffee or you drink it fast πŸ€”

@danslerush @Gina I'm surprised that you can walk your cat πŸ™‚, in my experience most of them just take off on their own..

@lopeztel @danslerush @Gina
My mom had a female cat that did that too, she'd walk with my mom, problem is, she'd stop all along the way and my mom would have to wait for her. πŸ˜„

@normandc @lopeztel @danslerush lol this one just walks with me. Occasionally he stops to smell things, but as soon as he's too far behind he starts to sprint to catch up.

@Gina @lopeztel @danslerush
Does he allow you to pet him? If he does, please give him a hug for me. 😒

@Gina Are you taking the cat for a walk, it is the cat taking you for a walk?

@Gina you should definitely consider an isothermal mug for this walk πŸ˜€

@Gina Haha I thought people are so into cats because they don’t have to walk them.
But looks serene like out of some post-apocalyptic fairy tale.


This is curious to me ... what is the deal with you and Dutch? You can just take him out in public and he doesn't leave? Does he stay with you, or just comes back eventually?

@nattiegoogie so he's my neighbors cat, but he practically lives with me. We now have a routine, where every morning around 7:30 we take a little stroll together through the neighborhood with coffee. It's a nice start of the day when you spend the rest of it behind your laptop.

I don't know how it started, but he follows along very closely. When he falls behind he sprints to catch up. Sometimes he hides in a bush ahead and then jumps out when I walk past. He's a funny cat. 😸

@nattiegoogie I should also note that it's a very quiet suburban neighborhood with not a lot of cars driving through it, especially early in the morning. The Netherlands is very pedestrian friendly, with big sidewalks everywhere, so it's relatively safe to walk with him.

He also seems to understand that cars are dangerous, which helps.

@Gina The cat walks in snow like a boss!

Mine hate snow. I tried to get them out a few times just to show them what winter is like - every cat I tried it with was clearly displeased and insisted on coming home intermediately.

@alex lol this cat doesn't mind the snow at all. He even wanted to come to the supermarket with me this morning. I had to park my bike and go on our morning walk first before I could leave πŸ˜…

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