Am I the only one who's adblockers in don't work anymore when it comes to ?

Super annoying, it basically makes watching Youtube from a browser impossible.


Oh holy crap I found the culprit!

came with this Widevine DRM extension by . That was overriding uBlock Origin. As soon as I disabled the YT ads were gone. TIL.

Just tried reproducing it.

The first time Widevine was on by default, I installed uBlock Origin, and restarted Firefox. Ads weren't blocked. I disabled Widevine, ads were suddenly blocked.

Just uninstalled uBlock Origin. Enabled Widevine. Restarted browser. Installed uBlock Origin. Restart browser. Widewine still enabled. I see ads. I then disabled Widevine and lo and behold I don't see ads.

HOWEVER, I restarted Firefox again. Now Widevine is disabled, and crap I see YT ads again.

So yeah anywho welcome to the adventure that is adblocking. Sorry for the crappy troubleshooting, been out of IT too long 😂

@newt So scummy that you can't even delete the extension. What the hell .

@Gina @newt Firefox's CEO needs money
And security engineers are useless, let's save money too It's more a question of usability than Google's power.
Most streaming website uses DRM to display content (Netflix, Spotify, …), this plugin is required for that.
I cannot blame Mozilla for providing a browser that works for most usage to its users.
Even if I strongly hate DRM, I understand the position of Mozilla.

@Darks @newt @Gina Well my FF 84.0.1 doesn't have this plugin and I never needed it 🤷

So... yeah, the problem is still big tech companies, be it google or netflix TBH I disabled the plugin, and Spotify stopped instantly. So maybe I was integrated in an other way in the browser, but the fact is that the player can't read DRM without tricking the plugin

It's not a typical extension. It's the DRM stuff that is standardized by the #IETF to make #DRM possible for big streaming platforms. #Firefox would lose a lot of users, if they could not watch all their beloved streaming services. Then the #Google browser engine monopoly would be completed. In my opinion, this is entirely Google's fault. Although #mozilla did shameful things, they are still one of our greatest allies. If we are fundamentally divided, Google wins.

@laufi @Gina @newt And yet Brave amd Vivaldi don't come with it.

It's not like I can't understand your argument; I agree that most casual users would think it was the browser that was broken if they couldn't watch streaming services. But an inability to remove it?

I think this depends in the distribution. I believe, some #Firefox versions (Arch Linux?) do come without #widevine (at least that was the case, last time i used widevine). But yes, non widevine builds directly available from the #mozilla websitr would be nice.
But i am not sure whether non-#linux users would actually care about this.
@Gina @newt

@laufi @Gina @newt Well, I'm on OSX for the time being, so that's one at least, although I plan to install Linux on this machine when I get around to it, so I'm not exactly the median. 🤷‍♂️

With using a mostly closed source system, I am not so sure if having closed source loaded by a plugin in Firefox is really making things worse.
@Gina @newt

@Gina @newt

You can uninstall it via `about:preferences`, there is a checkmark for "play DRM controlled content". (Unchecking it uninstalls it)

The default preferences must differ per OS / distro, as it's disabled by default for me.

@Gina Even though you found the solution, I recommend using hBlock:
“hBlock is a POSIX-compliant shell script that gets a list of domains that serve ads, tracking scripts and malware from multiple sources and creates a hosts file, among other formats, that prevents your system from connecting to them.”

@Gina that could get ennerving, as you need this plugin to watch netflix :/

@Gina I had hardened my Firefox by following privacytoolsIO steps (includes disabling Widevine) and that's why my uBlock Origin was working fine.

@Gina I just checked and it seems that I have this enabled too, but I don't seem to have any problem with uBlock Origin and YouTube. (It's also quite strange that Widevine has anything to do with YouTube Ads, as far as I know YouTube does not even invoke Widevine except for a few paid resources)

@Gina I guess it could be something about Firefox for Windows? (It seems that yours is the Windows version)

@PeterCxy It could be. To be honest, this new laptop came filled with Windows and Dell bloatware, I still have to reimage it.

@Gina @PeterCxy have you tried... refresh?
not kidding, turns out the first few tabs upon browser open may not be loaded with ublock origin.

@PeterCxy @Gina Widevine is Google's DRM so they wouod absolutely do this in their typically anti competitive manner.
As this has affected ye though, maybe ye might send a message to the EU Antitrust/Competition authorities and let them know? :) This looks like another clear antitrust issue and could get Google in some trouble.

@seachaint @Gina I don't think one should jump to such a definitive conclusion too quickly from one case that may or may not be caused by that Google plugin. I don't doubt Google's willingness to do something like this, and I do dislike Widevine DRM, but I'd say just wait and see if more cases like this start popping up recently, and then try to determine whether it's Google or something else. AFAIK that thing loaded in Firefox is not even activated at all (even though the plugin shows as enabled) unless you explicitly allowed it to download the blob from Google.

@Gina @seachaint I'll try to get a fresh Firefox for Linux install and see if this can be reproduced.

@PeterCxy @Gina Google do use Widevine for a few videos on Youtube AFAIK, so they would probably argue that it has to hook into Youtube to prevent "tampering". But in disabling adblock that looks brazenly like a way to lock users into ads using its dominance over the DRM market.

@seachaint @PeterCxy I realize now it's quite a big assumption to make. I tried reproducing the issue, and the same happened, but then there was a little twist in that after a browser restart where I had Google's DRM disabled and uBlock Origin enabled it showed ads again.

So idk, maybe a uBlock issue.

@Gina @seachaint Maybe try to ask uBlock devs about this and see if they could reproduce? Here on Linux it really seems to be fine and I cannot reproduce the issue whatsoever.

@PeterCxy @seachaint I'm gonna try some other ways to reproduce it. Would suck if I led everyone to the wrong conclusion just by being a shitty troubleshooter 😂

@Gina @seachaint It was brought up by @rility that uBlock Origin may not load properly for the first few tabs opened in a session (although I cannot reproduce this here either)

@PeterCxy @seachaint @rility That's weird, uBlock Origin doesn't show up for me after a Firefox restart or tab refreshes.

@Gina @PeterCxy You can create a new profile from about:profiles and launch it there.

@Gina That's interesting. I have no such plugin.

Though I do wonder if ads on #YouTube is due to this extension or #UBlock Origin not yet having updated the filter lists on a new laptop. UBlock doesn't block all that until you enable more than default filters and it updates them.

@katie @Gina most linux distros don't package the drm plugin along with firefox, at least bc it's not open-source. (also, firefox has a togglable preference that lets you disable drm altogether last time i checked)

For reference: #FirefoxHardening #WideVine (see above)

Assuming you've disabled WebAssembly. You may notice interesting things after you disable the running of pre-compiled sent direct to your browser. *wink*


@Gina It's closed source and now part of the official browser spec. EFF (and IIRC a few other principled members) resigned their seat on the w3c over that vote.

Not surprisingly, google has been using it to road-block developers from creating new browser projects:
@Gina I never had this problem and Widevine is enabled on my browser.

@redneonglow it's either that or uBlock Origin took some time to update its lists or something. I didn't change anything else in the meantime.

@Gina thanks for this! I'd been wondering what changed

@Gina no apologies needed. I am following along and appreciate your keeping us in the loop.

@Gina it is, if course, completely by design. Most people just think of DRM as technology that prevents you from viewing content that licensors don't want you to see but it's more than that. DRM is also about REQUIRING you to view content licensors wish for you to see (ads) as well as forcing you to run certain software (trackers) in lieu of monetary payment to view their protected content.

I think if more people were aware of DRM's full scope there would be more resistance to it.

@Gina I imagine some ads probably take advantage of Wildvine, but advertising is randomized on YT, IIRC.

@nathand Maybe it itsn't Widevine at all but maybe uBlock just.. needs some encouragement or something?

God so glad I don't have to solve IT issues for a living anymore.

@Gina @nathand So far ublock origin has been 100% reliable for me and Youtube ads. I don't have that widevine plugin but I don't recall whether it was installed by default. I doubt ads use DRM but that doesn't mean the plugin doesn't do silly things.

@Gina youtube-dl and/or mpv 😎

Actually, don't do that. You might try enabling some of the other filter lists in uBlock.

@Gina Sounds like it could be an issue with the filters. Although you say you've removed and re-installed, so that would be odd - unless it didn't clear the settings.

Have you tried "purge all caches" and then updating the filters from the filter lists settings screen?

@gray I have not, but I do think maybe that could be it. After reproducing and then finding out the ads were appearing again after a browser restart (with uBlock on and DRM disabled), I now think it might not be the DRM after all. Maybe uBlock just takes a while to enable or something?

I don't know, but installing uBlock (=ads), and then disabling DRM (=no ads) was odd.

@Gina That is utterly bizarre. uBlock should be good from either a new tab or a page reload.

Here's the filter lists I have running:

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