@Gina Accurate, except I'm normally listening to Metal or Synthwave.

Though, I'm currently listening to Pretty Hate Machine by Nine Inch Nails.

Discovered them via Zardonic dnb remixes

@Metruzanca we went to the same class at school times, I meant with federico [zardonic] long time no talk to him :crazy:

@castrillo That's awesome! I watched some interviews with the dude. He's really chill for the character he plays when performing 😅

Would be dope to go to one of his shows and possibly meet the dude.

@Metruzanca @Gina I agree! Except I only listen to Metal at work 😁

@Gina Well, close. It still misses the "going crazy at the keyboard, like it was some sort of bongo" mode. :D

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