@Gina No, especially since I have no hope of getting off the bloody thing :/

@sotolf I did some years ago.

Missed some so very interesting chatter in the local parents group but that's it.

So good that most of my contacts do care about the Privacy Policy too - even my own parents :-)


@bekopharm @Gina Yeah, had I lived at home in my own country where I could just go and visit people I'd do it without thinking about it, as it is I'm far off from being able to easily do it sadly.

@sotolf @bekopharm @Gina I have same problem! my plan is to prepare a short but effective message to use as standard answer to everyone for a couple of week, something like: "I will delete my WhatsApp account because... use signal instead ..."
I hope it will work!

@cicciodev @bekopharm @Gina good luck, I'm not currently in a position where I'd do that.

@cicciodev I suggest to keep this more open and link to a contact page listing possible ways to reach you. Doesn't have to be a public page but allows you to cram more information into it.

Also I'd say "I stopped" and not "I will stop" :-)

@sotolf @Gina

@bekopharm @sotolf @Gina thanks for the suggestions! Indeed I already have a page like that on my new site, so this could be easier than I though 😅

@bekopharm I need to finish it before adding to profile! 😆 Here in Italy we say that the shoemaker's son has always hole in the shoes! I started as a web developer but my site is never ready 😂

@cicciodev never gonna happen.

I can tell you from finishing mine for 20 years :-)

@bekopharm ahahahah I fear that! Here my promise: if it will be not finished by the end of this month I will publish it as is 😆

@cicciodev @sotolf @bekopharm @Gina an auto-reply on any incoming message with a link to #Signal install (or whatever alternative you'll use) would be great.

PS. Did not get the ToS popup, but I'm not on FB, so maybe that's the reason.

PS2. Huge HN discussion on this: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

@humanetech @sotolf @bekopharm @Gina

In Signal create a group. Share the secure group link with your contacts with "Join my secure group in Signal" The group link will assist your contacts to install Signal and automatically join your secure Signal group.  baam done. just a suggestion. 😃


@sotolf @Gina I've found new hope. The whole WhatsApp privacy policy update pushed many people to also join telegram and even signal.

@Gina Standard soul giving contract , nothing that has no been used by hell for the last 2000 years.😈

@Gina Kinda expected. In the end, Facebook will roll all their things into one mega-thing, unless they are broken up.

@Gina I heard this is coming. I guess this is FB saying "we own and sell all your data" then?

The should expect a billion-dollar fine coming their way for this, given the paucity of privacy protection, and lack of clarity on what we're giving up wrt privacy.

Without WhatsApp, we're basically blocked from all school activities and stuff with our kids. That's how they're coordinated now. Also my partner's family is 95% WA. My niece and I are firmly on Threema, but nobody else will join.

@dch @Gina It's weird considering that court docs recently demonstrated that they directly provide WA posts to Google, (which they lied to regulators about: expect noise on this) so it seems like a bit of an afterthought to provide it to..themselves
But they've spent years lying about the privacy and encryption of WA so maybe they need to soften people up with a show of legitimacy.

@dch @Gina I have a similar issue here but the tip is not to use just an app. Whenever is possible, use alternatives and always mention things that happened on other apps, so people are going to miss them and be curious as well.

It is the other buy in that is always the issue with any social network. Big tech surveillance capitalism seems to always win the favor of the mouth breathing masses and I don't know how to turn that tide.

@Gina It sucks how much of a foothold WhatsApp has with non-technical people. I can't get my family to switch over to other things. Apart from my brother, but he's also somewhat concerned about privacy.

@Gina NARRATOR: It wasn't.

As an aside, how are you getting along with Matrix? I've liked it overall, but curious about other people's experiences.

@ted I like the layout and the functionality, it's very userfriendly. The only downside is a poor Giphy integration. Also I've had a really busy week and I'm noticing that I don't always enjoy the pace of chat vs microblogging.

@ted @Gina

I've been running my own Synapse instance (the server-side part of Matrix) for a few months now, private, just for friends and family.

Server-side set-up and maintenance is a bit finicky but not bad if you are comfortable with Linux server admin-stuff.

Client-side is very polished, although still somewhat unintuitive for non-techie folk, but not horrible and getting better every month.

@Gina Luckily I'm an EU citizen. I did get the pop up, but I read online that EU laws don't permit this kind of change. It has to be accepted by an Irish committy first, before whatsapp can share their data with Facebook.

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