@Gina Someone is not allowed to move their feet now :) such a peaceful picture, made me smile, thank you :)

@Gina If I had to take another ITSM course (and I probably do), then I'd be just like him. They somehow took the fun out of building things that enable people to do cool things.

@nathand Haha tell me about it, I'm having trouble staying awake.

@Gina I *would* tell you about it.

Except that'd be another ITSM course...

@nathand Uuuuuggghh after this I still have ITIL Foundation, Togaf foundation, Togaf advanced, and Archimate exams. Plz no 😫

@Gina Things I know about Gina:

- Linux user
- Netherlands
- Awesome cat
- ...
- Apparently into masochism with all these ugly IT certifications

@Gina something is misssing on the usual cat pics just saying....

@Gina I think someday it will be more your cat than they'd :blobcat:

@Gina I want a pet other than a fish. (That's Isaac II) 😂

What are you reading?

@feyn I'm reading 'BISL, a business information management framework', it's for a cert. The exam is tomorrow.

That fish is a beauty.

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