I'm spending my Friday night booking in a proctored exam, for which they require me to install the 'ProctorU' browser extension. Which is great, except that it's LITERAL SPYWARE. ☹️

And here I thought my HP printer was violating my privacy..

My partner has to use this too, for her study. It's not great, and to no-one's surprise the company behind it is quite awful too.

The CEO exposed a student lying on reddit about his bad chat support experience, by *sharing the chatlogs (that are supposed to be private) on reddit*...

They sued a faculty member that was critical of them on twitter, *for sharing a unlisted youtube link*.

I complained to the UvA with this info, maybe this is the ammo you need to do something like this too? I can send you links if you want but it's all easy enough to find.


@kingannoy (un)fortunately it's not UvA, it's for an IT certificate exam, named BiSL.

Ah, allright, if your still angry enough after the exam consider sending BiSL a email explaining why you think ProctorU is a shitty company and that they should drop them. It helped me let go of the anger 😃

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