I'm spending my Friday night booking in a proctored exam, for which they require me to install the 'ProctorU' browser extension. Which is great, except that it's LITERAL SPYWARE. ☹️

And here I thought my HP printer was violating my privacy..

@Gina Use an own firefox profile for such a case:

`firefox -p` will allow you to set one up, that you can keep or delete immediately. It's not really a solution, but at least a work around to limit the access of such an extension.

@sheogorath I already have firefox set up in such a way that my cookies and data are deleted upon closing it, but still.

@Gina can you install it in a portable version or something? Either way, these things suck.

@Gina I have to install a special browser for my exams. It literally records you, and makes sure you're looking at the screen and not your phone. Also, no linux support.

@Gina At least it's not examsoft.

ExamSoft would actually override the Windows Shell on bootup.

@mike @Gina +1 on Mike's recommendation. I would not trust that extension.

@Gina definitely one of the places the DisposableVM system in QubesOS comes in handy. Clean slate to state, dirty it up with gross plugins like this, do what needs doing, close the browser and poof bye bye tainted VM.

Still pretty crappy that it’s become so normal to require an insane level of access to one’s data and property for simple tasks.

My partner has to use this too, for her study. It's not great, and to no-one's surprise the company behind it is quite awful too.

The CEO exposed a student lying on reddit about his bad chat support experience, by *sharing the chatlogs (that are supposed to be private) on reddit*...

They sued a faculty member that was critical of them on twitter, *for sharing a unlisted youtube link*.

I complained to the UvA with this info, maybe this is the ammo you need to do something like this too? I can send you links if you want but it's all easy enough to find.

@kingannoy (un)fortunately it's not UvA, it's for an IT certificate exam, named BiSL.

Ah, allright, if your still angry enough after the exam consider sending BiSL a email explaining why you think ProctorU is a shitty company and that they should drop them. It helped me let go of the anger 😃

@Gina Could you make a ‘new user’ on your system just for this? Then there’d be almost no data for them to look at… except theirs 🤔

@Gina Awful stuff! I would boot Linux from an USB stick and use it there since everything will just be temporary then. That’s the easiest I can come up with.

@Gina I really hate these situations when you feel forced to get your guard down because there are few alternatives.

@Gina Sounds like the sort of thing to install in a fresh VM, and then burn it all to the ground when done.

A video I watched recently talks about this exact software -

As a friend, I don't recommend you install it. It seems like a really unethical company :(

@Gina Yeah, good idea to do these things in throwaway VMs.

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