content is great, but it's the toots about your lives, the birds you see in your garden, work updates, hiking pics, running progress, , baking victories, your hobbies and your random thoughts that interest me the most. ❤️

@Gina well it already had happen but cuz you cute here some near by you kafe de kloos

@Gina Sure, let me drop some bird photography.

@Gina @egret
Yea, I think this is the same Cardinal.. The Momma Cardinal shows up, and I thought I saw a young male a month or two.

@Gina @egret

I'm hoping egret has some good stuff. Mine is just average stuff, mostly from the Pi.

Animated some stills with the

@Gina thanks for your optimism and warm heart. and sorry for seeing the whole world people are wearing masks 😷

@Gina it's very nice to remember we like technology and but we're all human beings 🙂

@Gina may I recommend this platform called Facebook, there you find lots of that :P

@Gina Understandable when you want to "date" someone.
@Gina Everything you said is true and interesting for when you want to date someone, his hobbies (hiking, garden, baking, etc.) and random thoughts. #FLOSS is not interesting when it comes to dating, except it is your hobby programming it.

@roland This says a lot about how you view people 😅

@Gina I hope you can enjoy your day. My best cooking is a self-made tomato cream with tomato paste, water, salt and some spices, including #Oregano added + bought #Fussili noodles to it. Very tasty!

@Gina If it's birds you're after, this little cutie was tapping at my office window yesterday while I was on site.

I was sat there reading some documentation wondering where the tapping was coming from for a few minutes.

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