No one:

Literally no one:


@Gina No one:

Literally no one:

#foss developers: “THIS WORLD NEEDS MOAR APPS!”

@moiety @Gina What's the problem? Are you angry people are spending their own time, while hurting nobody and only consuming modest resources, in another way than you think they should?

@Steinar @moiety @Gina Having more options is of course a wonderful thing in general, and a big reason we use FOSS stuff. But when the purpose of the app is to enable you to communicate with people, then the more people you need to talk to who use different apps, the more apps you have to juggle in order to talk to everyone you need to talk to. In short, it's like an XKCD 927 dilemma.

@Gina AH! User #134904509, welcome back. Here are some of your recent search results (with a couple of ads thrown in, of course, just like you like it). Would you like to get back to watching baking videos on YouTube? You could also catch up on your ... well, lets say your *healthy* unread inbox count. Perhaps another rage-induced trip through troubleshooting obscure error messages? You were *so close* last time. Ah, I see your workplace is pinging you via chat. You should probably ignore that..


FOSS evangelists: "What's your favorite obscure chat app security flavor?"

Users: "Aaaah! I'm just desperately trying to stay in touch with my mooooom!"

@Gina And STILL none of them are good.

It's 2020. Can we please have something that combines the simplicity and lightweight-ness of IRC, the security of Signal/Matrix/XMPP+OMEMO, and a Weechat plugin so I don't need to open another client?

Pretty please?

@Gina Can we just get one with real end-to-end encryption with only optional sign-up information that works fast and is easy for everyone to use/adopt across all platforms? 😬

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