@Gina Am a man in IT. Sometimes I feel like my ideas aren't taken seriously by the female techs. I'm constantly being coddled on things I already know, and downright patronized when learning new things.

The worst part is when they hit... pppfftt! Okay, that part I can't do with a straight face. Women hitting on me is... no, that -- that doesn't happen, not even in opposite land.

@Gina Just as an addendum, because people may have a hard time reading sarcasm.

The above is satire. As a male in IT, I do what I can to ensure that everyone on the team gets the same amount of assistance. Woman or man, I try to provide feedback or knowledge at their level of understanding. I take everyone's ideas seriously, except for my own, because I'm a colossal idiot.

@Gina Came to complain about birdsite. Stayed for the lulz. That's some good stuff.

@Gina Me too. I used to follow that account when I used Twitter in the past. It’s brilliant.

@Gina this is definitely one of my favorite accounts ever.

@Gina Oh, throw it in our faces. You know men are weak and over-emotional, no need to remind us of it. Going to go cry in my bubblebah with a glass of red.

Actually, the bath and wine sounds pretty good...

@adam 4:00 on Friday and I just prevented Grunt from being added to a project. I think I get to be done for the week, right?

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