Europeans watching US politics be like. 馃嚜馃嚭

Yall I went through 5 trucks of popcorn in October alone. What a season.

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@Gina meanwhile Americans in Europe be like 鈥渟o can we stay... forever鈥?

@Gina what a year the last 7 days have been. So much stupid going on over here.

@nvsr hahah that's the best episode after the one where they find the bomb and it runs on Vista: 鈥渨e're going to die!鈥

Even Indian politics seems kinda nicer sometimes馃
US politics is alien to world.

@mur2501 @Gina Lol narendra modi and so called "hindu nationalists" don't mix with any definition of nice as far as I have been able to tell. Plus, the dutch have geert wilders, who is a lunatic, and many other european nations went to the right before trump was inaugurated.

Politics are crazy everywhere in the world. You know things are weird when kim jong un wishes trump a speedy recovery!

Politics make me want to move to a top secret bunker and stay there. No more crazies!

@mur2501 @Gina Why can't we all be friends? We are all human after all.

I said 'kinda nicer sometimes' which is comparative. At the India is fucked up from a long time.

@mur2501 Comparative. Subjective. To-MAY-to, To-MAH-to. We all need peace, my friend. I just don't understand how lunatics hell bent on trying to destroy good things are drawn to politics and somehow make it to office. This is why I stay away from political discourse. All the nutjobs begin to opine and they get downright disturbing.

Peace and stability. That's what I want.

Politics just showcases how human society is divided on languages, cultures, religions and every little thing. Also it shows the human tendency to dominate each other.
World should be without borders but seeing how everything is going on outside, we are gonna end up with more borders.

@Citizenzibb @mur2501 Careful what you wish for. A global Pax Sinica would bring "peace and stability".

@clacke @mur2501 I'm optimistic. Looks like pax covidiana might take care of all our problems. You know, the eternal peace. *nudge* nudge* *wink* *wink*

@Gina it's less anxiety-inducing than watching British politics tbh

Honestly, no. What happens there has an effect here. I'm not finding it entertaining.

@Gina Hhhhaa... :parrot: I seen about 50 of them yesterday, on another site.

I can't stop laughing

@Gina we're doing the same thing, over here. It's a circus and we all have front row seats. 馃槀

@cooper @Gina as a British person, we're doing the same but then we get to turn around and watch our own PM, so I guess we have a double feature!

@iconnorclast @cooper it's like the Office UK vs the Office US, but IRL.

@Gina @cooper the US office was better in my opinion, and US politics ARE more interesting :ac_pride:

eupol vs uspol 


turnabout's fair play, I guess.

not that I watched PVV, Berlusconi et al, AfD, BoJo and Brexit or the like with any great relish to be honest

@Gina Lucky you that US politics don't reach those shores with the same strength they impact the rest of the American continent :(

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