Europeans watching US politics be like. 🇪🇺

Yall I went through 5 trucks of popcorn in October alone. What a season.

@Gina meanwhile Americans in Europe be like “so can we stay... forever”?

@Gina what a year the last 7 days have been. So much stupid going on over here.

@nvsr hahah that's the best episode after the one where they find the bomb and it runs on Vista: “we're going to die!”

Even Indian politics seems kinda nicer sometimes🤔
US politics is alien to world.

@Gina it's less anxiety-inducing than watching British politics tbh

@Gina Hhhhaa... :parrot: I seen about 50 of them yesterday, on another site.

I can't stop laughing

@Gina we're doing the same thing, over here. It's a circus and we all have front row seats. 😂

@cooper @Gina as a British person, we're doing the same but then we get to turn around and watch our own PM, so I guess we have a double feature!

@iconnorclast @cooper it's like the Office UK vs the Office US, but IRL.

@Gina @cooper the US office was better in my opinion, and US politics ARE more interesting :ac_pride:

eupol vs uspol 


turnabout's fair play, I guess.

not that I watched PVV, Berlusconi et al, AfD, BoJo and Brexit or the like with any great relish to be honest

@Gina Lucky you that US politics don't reach those shores with the same strength they impact the rest of the American continent :(

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