I've found another reason, besides the global recession, why I feel discouraged to find a new 'career.'

I've noticed this trend of people becoming their work. Where every part of your life, your online and offline identity revolves around your job. You no longer just work - you're 'living a passion', and 'growing a brand'. It feels like the human being behind the job disappears. As if, in order to be successful, you need to commodify every aspect of your life.

Idk is this relatable in any way?

@Gina 100% relatable.

All these job postings with "Are you this super champion that joins our highly motivated team of experts?". The whole description screams: "Let's work your ass off with us. Burn your life while you have it".

Job asked: Junior Java developer, or something

Pff.. all platitudes created by these recruiters. Highly discouraging too.

There are also more weighed, decent and humane vacancy descriptions. But beware: It is a recruiter trend to craft these, to lure you in.


@humanetech This!! “Do you like complex challenges? Do you live, eat and breathe .NET?”

Nah mate, I don't. And I pity anyone who does.

@Gina it would be nice to see some kind of a Job platform as part of the #fediverse where you can find proper jobs, on decent terms.

Maybe flockingbird.social/ will go in this direction, idk?

@humanetech @Gina

It was not directly on the radar. Because "job listings" invites a lot of spammers, and "annoying actors" like recruiters.

Our "put the users first" adagium is often perpendicular to "job listings".

But if this can be done in a non-recruiterspammy manner: certainly a really neat feature to take in consideration!

@berkes ah yes, that is surely a risk. The other side of things is where people present themselves (e.g. CV's, asking for work and then facilitate match-making), like what CloutStream intended to do (the project is dead, but they wanted to become the LinkedIn for Fedi): web.archive.org/web/2018080815


@humanetech Thanks a lot for the reference to cloutstream; will certainly look into that, if only for "lessons learned".

But, indeed, presenting yourself is an important goal for flockingbird.

But fwe want to make the "discover/search those presenting people" more a social function: you present your professional self to your network so that they can help you.

And never so that "random recruiter" can grab a list of "profiles remotely related to this wordpress job I have to fill".

@berkes @humanetech yep the #deathcult ist are squabbling as the ship sinks. Though like #XR the is use in there storys.

@Gina recently started working for the government. So far it's a good experience, with people ready to facilitate whatever I need, and no extra expectations except for the needed soft and hard skills. It depends on where you work of course, but right now I can highly recommend it.

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