@newt It might be time to change things up.

@Gina nah, it'll be good once we fire up this project into production.

@newt haha that was me a year ago. “No no once this project is done it'll be calmer.”

*project is done and immediately catches on fire*

@Gina i promised myself that once it hits production, I'll take a vacation and turn off my phone for good.
@Gina @newt let it be a learning experience. There's no project that is important enough to break yourself for. It will never slow down. The workload over time needs to be about 80% of capacity.
The only thing that should prompt working harder are proper incidents like mail is down for the entire company or other business critical systems down.

Remember, we do our best work when we can use our full capacity. That isn't possible with stress hormones in the blood stream. That's just how humans work.

my ex-boss : "Your coworkers said you can't do it this week"

@Katyucha “Ohh well I'll show them!”

Damn sneaky ex-boss.

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