@11112011 haha if only. I think I'm making jam today 馃崌

@Gina Oh man, I doubt my little vine will ever do that, but I'll show it these pictures, just to encourage it!

@Gina Oh my, these are some grapes

And you鈥檙e living in the city ?

@gabriel i am! I'm superproud of my two little grapevines 馃槉

now you can start a lemonade stand for pesky ducks!

@Gina that is a lot of grapes! What will you make with them, or will you just eat them?

@Gina I've never had grape jam before, but that sounds like a really nice idea.

@Gina Wow, so many! Here's my full garden harvest for the year. I'm getting close to being self sufficient..

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