Me programming for the first time in months. 🎉

@Gina :blobcataww: but what if I WANT to program a cute cat for snuggles?
@isi @Gina yes, but depending on the current weather on Mars it will either segfault or consume everything in your fridge

@nvsr just a simple webapp. It's been a while since I've done any programming, set up a CI/CD pipeline (I'd like to try CircleCI instead of Jenkins) or did anything remotely productive.

@Gina CI/CD is neat, good plan. I've never worked with CircleCI really. Is it easier to work with than Jenkins?

@nvsr don't know yet, but supposedly it's what the cool kids use nowadays.

I thought drone ci was all the hype now.
I feel old, I grew up with Apache ant, and later maven.


@sexybiggetje @nvsr lol I used Maven too, never even touched Gradle.

@Gina I know the feeling, every time I code myself, but one gets back into it rather fast ;-)

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